From Miss to Mrs

Miss L to Mrs A
The role of a wife has many stereotypes in social culture - little woman, ball & chain, Stepford wife, desperate housewife - I hadn't really contemplated amid all the tulle and lace of wedding planning. Life B.W. (Before Wedding) forgotten and Life A.W. (After Wedding) given no more detailed thought than our "happily ever after" (starting with an extravagant honeymoon).

Around my birthday I had a common theme of messages - "your last birthday as a Miss / a Letley / a single lady" (didn't really understand the last, it's been such a long time since I could have honestly put my hand up to BeyoncĂ©) – but this prompted the reality that come my next birthday I will be Mrs Armstrong. It shouldn’t really be a shock to someone engaged for a year by this point, but it just generally terrified me for one main reason - how old and utterly utterly grown up does Mrs anything sound(?!). I feel neither of those things!

Having spoken to some of our married friends recently, they remark that everyone asks how married life is. A rather intrusive question if you think about it - how many times have you asked your unmarried friends: " is the state of your relationship?" When in all honestly, life (and your relationship) is much the same as the days before the mightily expensive self-funded day of public speaking, posing for photos and swaying on the dance floor; aka a wedding. Why would it change? This reminds me of the early days of Ryan and I dating when he seemed reluctant to commit to "official" status despite our already exclusive dating situation (men...really, where is their sense?!) and I literally had to spell it out, "Nothing will change!!" It still took him a cheese & wine evening, Westminster Bridge, a saxophonist and dinner with a vicar to come to the same conclusion but hey, he got there in the end.

Of course the other question that will be flowing out of everyone's mouths "You'll be having babies next!" Well, err, no, actually we won't. Don't jump to that stereotype – it's 2016! We've decided to dedicate the last of our twenties to utter self-indulgence and seeing some of the Wonders of the World, journeying to some amazing destinations to make all our wedding guests and the rest utterly jealous via Instagram.

Other than the hassle of changing my name – which I don't intend to do until the winter months of 2017 from underneath a duvet catching up on half a year of TV – it is just a load of admin at the end of the day – not that I'm one to shy away, I genuinely love a bit of Life Admin. I guess the main difference will be that sense of security. I'm stuck with him – for better, for worse! To that point, one of my recently married colleagues remarked how lovely the feeling of being married was that you could argue and know it won't end badly! We're yet to properly argue – I'm sure there will be a blog post when the day finally comes – but we are a team and it will be nice to officially on a team with the same name!

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