Last Days as Miss Letley

If you ever wondered what your last few days of singledom look like, I am here to share the reality. 

Meanwhile each and every room of our house looks like a wedding has sneezed all over it; 

With my own wedding 6 days away - a fact, a certainty, but feeling nothing like a reality - I'm still up to my eyes (to be politically correct – and truthful - I should say: we are still up to our eyes) in wedmin. Whether its printing Order of Service, writing cards for the wedding party or making signs for the reception, the To Do list is ever expanding as the nitty gritty zooms more into focus.

  • The Dining Room is the engine room of the operation; a snapshot moodboard of our wedding theme decorating the walls, plastic boxes of decorations, props and sweets for the pick'n'mix stand, there is literally no room to swing on my chair as I write this. 
  • The Spare Room has my packing in progress. That's both packing for the Big Day as I'm staying with the bridal party in a hotel in Richmond and packing for moving out at the end of the month. I've recently retrieved my summer suitcase from the loft so doing my annual clear out too; boot sale, storage, wardrobe.  
  • The Bedroom is scattered with growing piles of 'things' I need for the day – safety pin anyone? - plus my gorgeous Choos that require wearing in and sit as a permanent reminder of the sore feet to come unless I do! Plus there's a beauty trunk beside my bed for the night time ritual of body brushing, body oil, moisturiser, hand cream, etc. I hear you, talk about high maintenance. 
  • The Man Cave which the Groom has currently surrendered to being storage facility for drink dispensers, the alcohol and our homemade Photo Booth. 

However as the past week goes, my last 5 day week as a Miss, the excitement and buzz around my friends, family and colleagues as the wedding looms closer has taken the edge of the mundane day to day. It's all everyone wants to talk about (in a good way), whether the practical questions of 'facilities at the church', speculation about the weather or texts with the sentiment of 'not long to go now'. I'm dialling up the last minute PT sessions, taking extra care over my cleansing routine in the evenings and hopping on the scales in an addictive fashion as I promised my seamstress I wouldn't lose any more weight! As the week wears on, I'm starting to feel a levitating effect as if I'm floating up to cloud 9 . I could not be happier. No nerves. No cold feet. Just sheer excitement. 

The talk of cold feet reminds me I must share a hilarious exchange I had with my Gran this week over text – it went something like this: 

Me: Sorry I've not called in a while Gran, all a bit made here with only 10 days to go! Eeek! 

Gran: Don't worry about making contact at this stage – I'm panicking and it's not me getting married! 

Me: Are you having second thoughts about the marriage? Getting cold feet? I hear you have a new outfit for the big day and reports say it looks lovely. 

Gran: Oh you do make me chuckle. Well the outfit... I've changed my mind from the poncho to a dress! So hope it will be ok whatever I decide :-) xxx 

Me: A dress sounds lovely. Gran, you could turn up naked and you'd look fabulous (but it's not that kind of wedding so maybe stick with the dress!) 

And in other news... 

Like most women, I've spent a fair amount of time day-dreaming about my wedding. In the large part, before I was engaged or even hit puberty. But when these dreams were processed into a budget spreadsheet and I became inundated by excited guests for an insight into the finer detail, not to mention idea/image overload thanks to Brides magazine and Pinterest, it all started to become a bit surreal. Will our wedding be the wedding of my mind's eye? For some kind of out-of-body reason, I've lost the ability to work that out. 

The plan for perfection is playing on my mind a little but I'm finding that verbalising this given any opportunity, i.e. to my mother, every morning (poor thing), is helping. Ryan and I have put so much into making this day special for our guests, personal touches EVERYWHERE, that now we need to get the last of it done and then focus on us. We've agreed that come the day, it's our day and ours to be enjoyed. We've spent the last 15 months planning it with our guests in mind that we hope all our ideas will come to life as we envisaged. Just as I have written in Ryan's 'on the morning of...' letter, even if half the guests don't turn up, it pours with rain and the cake goes stale, it doesn't matter because we have each other and to quote the Beatles 'all you need is love'. 

And whilst that's the romantic side of my brain talking, the more practical half has had me cleaning the house from top to bottom, emailing suppliers finalising the finer detail, checking the alcohol inventory for our thirsty guests and printing out my grandparents wedding pictures for a locket I intend to tie onto my bouquet. Whilst today is the first day Ryan has actually given himself off from epic Wedmin design tasks, I'm happy to report he's sat watching the football and boxing simultaneously, whilst I have my feet up and a glass of wine to my right. I even stopped for an hour this afternoon to go to an Aerial Hoop exercise class with my gorgeous friend Grace which then required an hour on the sofa channel flicking between 'Along Came Polly' and a Phil & Kirsty special whilst my body recovered.

In other news, my last week of a single lady also included: 

  • The news of leaving work to travel the Americas with my new husband is now out in the ether. My team know and have been lovely & supportive. Some jealousy, to be expected. 
  • The British majority voted out of the EU. And PM David Cameron resigned. As my history teacher would said, "a pivotal turning point" for whatever is about to happen next
  • An epic thunderstorm on Wednesday night kept half of London awake, the whole of Essex flooded (apparently) and London Transport obviously went into meltdown. Pathetic fallacy anyone? 
  • I watched Thelma & Louise for the second time and massively appreciated it for all its crowned glory. <3 Susan Sarandon 
  • Made a rough cut of my first ever iMovie exploration to showcase the Barcelona Hen fun. COMING SOON!

All in all, life seems much the same on a day to day basis, the evenings are still heavily dominated with wedmin task and the shredding-for-the-wedding diet and exercise regime, but there are frequent surges of adrenaline through my veins as I can actually see the finish line in sight. I'm about to have the best day of my life and marrying the man of my dreams, how lucky am I?! 

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