One day I'll fly away...

Looking out at the sunny adventures ahead

Hello fellow explorers, travel-lovers, desk-bound day-dreamers, blog addicts, and Mum,

You’re joining me on a bit of a life adventure, not to sound too dramatic but let me explain why…adventure in the physical sense that I am soon to be packing a 70 litre backpack brimming with my worldly possessions for multiple continents and climates - and adventure in the metaphorical sense that I'm embarking on a journey into matrimony which started a few weeks ago with the big white wedding and has brought us here – the world’s most extravagant honeymoon covering 2 continents, 11 countries and 134 days.

When I started this blog I was ‘Mrs A-to-be’ planning our dream wedding in West London. We figured that our evenings weren’t dominated enough with spreadsheets, budget calculations and hand-making invitations that we decided to make the picture a little more hectic. Cue the fundamental life-changing decision that a 2-week honeymoon to the Maldives - whilst still in poll position on the holiday hit-list - wouldn’t quite scratch the itch niggling away at us so we decided to blow our future house deposit on a trip of a lifetime (and the ultimate test of a marriage).

Now here I am writing officially as a 'Mrs’ and writing literally as I'm travelling from A to B. Hello to the next 5 months covering ground in North, South and Central America. Here’s to experiencing climates, altitudes and experiences way beyond my comfort zone, ticking items off the bucket list and hoping that two independently-prided people who generally like to spend a lot of time together, can laugh through this utterly epic adventure whatever comes our way.

PLEASE NOTE: Reading this blog will not require vaccinations, SPF protection or wearing your underwear for multiple days on the trot. Nor will it increase your C02 footprint or require blank pages in your passport.

WARNING: May cause intense jealousy, heightened sense of wanderlust and a green hue of envy. If you experience any of these side effects, I recommend visiting your nearest STA travel centre for a consultation. Symptoms should be relieved upon payment of your flights outta-here! #starttheadventure

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