One Week into Married Life

Just Married
The confetti has settled, the hangovers have subsided and all that remains is the leftover wedding cake in the fridge. After 15 months of planning, how does it feel to be a married woman? Bloody awesome is the answer, especially when you have a husband like mine. But I'm obviously biased and in rom-com-land kind of love *cue the sick bucket*.  

For now, here are my first observations as a new wife and officially Mrs A.   
Raise your glasses to the happy couple
Everyone's feeling the love (and full of food)
We spent the initial day after the wedding hosting a BBQ at our house which we had pretty much invited the entire wedding guest-list to. It was great to keep the party going, enjoy some of the leftover booze and soak up a bit more sun that July had to offer than on the 1st. Plus, an opportunity for Ryan and I to hear about our wedding day from our nearest and dearest's perspective. Having spent so long worrying about our guests being entertained and having a good time, it’s quite a different experience being the Bride or Groom at your own wedding, so it was lovely to hear how blown away everyone was by the magician and the (well-used) fancy dress photo-booth. Plus, opportunity to eat a burger so I was one happy lady (bye bye salad leaves!). 
Hello Mini-moon. Bowness-on-Windermere.
Time for Two. Hello Mini-Moon.
Escaping from London early on Sunday morning was the best idea as by that time we were craving a bit of 'alone time' and a well-earned rest. Sounds a bit silly I suppose but despite being side by side most of the wedding day, we didn't feel like we had seen each other between the smiling for pictures, saying hello to guests and shutting up only to eat the delicious wedding breakfast. Ryan just had to endure a 5 hour drive up to the Lake District which I sang (and slept) my way to! 
Mr & Mrs A to B
The New Name - Did I want to be feminist and stick with Letley? Nah! Did I want to spend extra time form-filling with a double-barrelled surname? Hell no! Despite having known for quite some time I would be taking Ryan's surnameI now require a significant pause when asked for my name – be it on the phone to a spa in the Lake District or when arriving into a restaurant and confirming our reservation. But as my mother says, plenty of time to get used to it! Best get practicing my new signature too!
His & Her. Mr & Mrs. I Give This Ring...
The Bling Ring - Having concerned myself with the bling debate the entire run-up to our wedding day, mainly dress related, as I have a tendency to be drawn to all things sparkly whereas Ryan is far more keen on 'less is more'. I threw caution to the wind and had extra bling embellished on the shoulders of my dress anyway but luckily he approved on the day (as least, I thought they were tears of joy when he saw me walking up the aisle but I maybe I was wrong??!! Was he blinded by the light??) Anyhoo, now the only bling that I care to wear is that on my finger. I <3 my new wedding band!! And it's not just mine that I can't keep looking it, it's also Ryan's – he looks so hot brandished 'taken'! 
Nailing the wedding ring look!
Talking of hands - They're getting a lot of attention so thank goodness my shellac manicure from two days before the wedding is still going strong!! Great tip to all future brides out there – you'll need staying power to battle the elements!  

Next stop, brace yourselves, it's the return to the office! 

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