Two Lazy Girls' Weekend in Suffolk

Two Girls. One Car. One Dog. One Beach. One Weekend.

Eat. Sleep. Sunbathe. Repeat. 

That's the name of the game when you head off to Suffolk to stay at your friend's parents' house. What's becoming an annual trip (if two years can be deemed long enough to set a precedence?!) gives my friend Lizzie and I the chance to get ridiculously excited, make all kinds of plans and then inevitably fall into a food-induced coma for the entire weekend and behave distinctly un-instagramable. 

We drove with the windows down and Kisstory blasting all the way to the seaside and a little place called Walberswick. After sunbathing (or burning as the evidence suggests), taking Molly the sprocker (springer cross cocker spaniel) for a swim and trying to avoid her spraying a bride and groom who came to the water's edge for a few gorgeous pictures. The "Molly! No!" screams were heard far and wide. Next stop...seaside town of Southwold. 

Come Saturday my hair was a frizzy untameable mane, the heat melted my full face of makeup to the point I resembled Meryl Streep or Goldie Hawn at the end of Death Becomes Her and I endured a sun-tan-lotion-meets-sand full body exfoliation. Yes ladies and gentleman, there are no filters to cover this stuff up!

Here are a host of beautiful pics (not of me) from our Saturday in the sunshine...

99p whippy anyone?
Meet Molly...Mischievious Molly as she should be known!
This was a new Mr & Mrs A to Beach
Le Roc Restaurant, Southwold
Le Roc restaurant with alfresco dining. Perfect for a cold beverage in this heat. 
Cutest cottage territory here
The friendly folk of Suffolk!
Southwold Sailor's Reading Room
Prime spot to sit back and watch the waves
The Southwold Railyway Shop
Mark's Fish & Chip Shop - it's legendary and worth the queue!
I have never seen such a long queue but whilst the bar was set high it was worth it...nom nom nom
Fish & Chip Supper
The Green, Southwold
The Green aka our dining room to devour the renowned fish & chips. The whole reason we had been planning this trip for over a year.
Sun setting on Southwold
Sun setting on Southwold. Until next time...
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