Teens vs Twenties Part II

As I’m now embarking on my second trip almost 10 years later, it’s funny to see how the goal posts have shifted somewhat. Oh what a difference a decade makes…

Of course inflation is one thing (and Brexit is, unfortunately, another); costs inevitably have risen but so have my expectations! I'm not talking 5 star hotels or 3 course dinners but the way we have approached planning this trip is luckily not hanging from a shoe-string. There is a comprehensive budget spreadsheet to keep track of our outgoings plus hours of research over average hostel / hotel room costs, car hires and daily allowances. Needless to stay, for four and half months away, I'm spending almost 50% more this time around! Luckily advancements in technology mean I can capture literally every moment in HD and relive it for the rest of my life whilst I pay off the credit card!

Sleeping arrangements. 
Regardless of the fact it's effectively our honeymoon, I cannot fathom negotiating dorm rooms for all the snorers, insomniacs and other antics that occur in bunk beds around the globe. Gone are the days of tolerating the hanging sheet. I'm all about the double bed, air-con and, preferably, a private bathroom! Luckily referring back to Point 1 means this is somewhat feasible.
📸 www.treasureisland.com

Early bird catches the worm. 
... or catches the sunrise in this instance. Having spent many a night in the underground bar-slash-club in my Sydney hostel back in 2008, the picture has changed slightly. Still a girl to enjoy a night out here and there, my stamina is not what is was and hangovers are a whole lot uglier these days. So luckily the husband and I are more likely to opt for an early night in favour of early morning explorations and soaking up the culture a bit more... rather than soaking up the bar! 

Oh snap. 
Talking of capturing the trip, when I set off at 18 I had delved into my savings for a new Canon IXIS camera which was my pride and joy. Of course keeping up with technology’s advancements is like trying to keep up with Mo Farah at Park Run – impossible. Luckily my other half is more au fait with that kind of stuff – so packed in our technology pack is a DSLR, 2 Go Pros and our smartphone cameras too of course which leads me onto…

The rise of social sharing. 
Snapchat. Instagram. FaceTime. All things that weren't around the first time. In 2008, Facebook, in its early form, provided me with a platform for #sorrynotsorry posts to get all my pals at home green with envy whilst they grappled with first year University life. But this time I'll be wired up to all the social media platforms at my fingertips – cheers iPhone – to ensure an active reporting of this adventure. Luckily for my parents, they can literally see my face thanks to the Apple whizz kids who brought along FaceTime along with a constant flow of pics thanks to the rise of the #selfie. 

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