The Travel Bucket List

The countdown is well and truly on... The last day of work is complete, we moved out of our beloved West London home this weekend and now we're hoboing for the next few days with our backpacks readily stuffed. Time to soak up the last of those home luxuries - mother's cooking, the king size bed and plenty of social excuses for final goodbyes - oand did I mention last minute trip to New York is on the agenda? More about that later... 

Now the wedding and 'big things' are out of the way, it's time to get really REALLY excited about the epic adventure we have ahead. Aside from keeping this blog up to date regularly, which is most definitely top of my agenda (up there with switching off my work brain and leaving the to-do lists behind)I got to thinking about a travel bucket list to tick off along the way (oh damn, what was I saying about lists?!). Here we are with a once in a lifetime opportunity ahead of us so I'll be sure to savour every moment (and report back!)

So to set the scene for you, we were in the midst of the newlywed whirlwind on our mini-moon in the Lake District when we whiled away hours on hypothetical chit-chat; 'Let's talk about the future...' and 'If you won the lottery jackpot, what would you spend your money on?' until we got to here: the travel bucket wish list.

1. Gamble in Las Vegas.
I'm not one for casinos or gambling per se but being in The Gambling Capital of the World seems like the place to lose my betting virginity. A risky first stop, I agree, but let's hope we're not on a plane back within a few days... Red's a lucky colour, right?

2. Do one pull-up on a West coast beach.
More than one pull-up would be an over-achievement and I doubt if the arms could hack it so somehow I think expectations need to be managed. Not sure my muscle-lacking pale body quite fits the stereotype either!

3. Make a wish in a fountain.
As if I didn't feel like all my wishes had come true already, I love the romance of this one!

4. Eat a proper dirty American burger.
For anyone that knows me, they know how I love a good burger. Can it knock Queenstown's  'Fergburger' off poll position? Reigning #1 for 8 years now! Willing to test as many as I have to... 

5. Cycle the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.
This is one of the cities I am most excited about – yes, mostly due to American Box Office cinema depiction – but I cannot wait to explore this sunny city of dreams (with a cool tram system to boot). Anyone remember the advert of the millions of bouncy coloured balls bouncing down the street?  

6. Dine at Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.
Ever since watching Forrest Gump I've got to try all those different types o'shrimp (followed by a box o'chocolates).
7. Paraglide over Rio bay.
Skydiving was fine for the 19 year old me but paragliding is more for the 27 year old me. A little less adrenaline, a little more taking in the sights. Might use the GoPro here to capture some epic footage! 

8. Read a paper floating in the sea.
One for the salt flats and maybe a magazine here will do. I intend to do lots of reading whilst I'm away – an activity I rarely get time to do normally between the eat/work/sleep/repeat way of life. Plus I've got to add to the family album a pic of me floating away, just like my Dad in the Dead Sea, Jordan. 
9. Tick off a couple more 'Wonders of the World'.
Postcard pictures required with Christ Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and Machu Picchu, Peru. Already in the bag is Rome's Colosseum and Mexico's Chichen Itza which Ryan and I are revisiting in late November.

10. Smoke a cigar in Havana...
Let's not say too much about that, my mother's reading this... 

11. ...and drink a rum cocktail on a beach in Varadero.
This she'd approve of. 

12. Tango dance in Argentina.
Now I know Mr A doesn't have two left feet (there's video footage of our first dance that proves it) but blame Dirty Dancing 2: Havana Nights for this one. I am expecting Armstrong with a rose between his teeth serenading me into the early hours! It is our honeymoon after all... 

13. Wine tasting in Mendoza.
Since my initiation into the Armstrong Clan I've been on an education of stinky cheese and red wine. Here I will toast my success with some of the best wine in the region (or should I go big and say, 'the world'?). Maybe this will spur future adventures on 'Wine Tours'…or an alcohol problem! 

Ever thought about what would feature on your travel bucket list? Perhaps you have some recommendations to add to my list, I'd love to hear your thoughts. 

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