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It's universally known that flying is bad for your skin. From the early starts to the physical demands of body (in my case regretting throwing in the fifth pair of shoes at the last minute when I come to lugging it off the Heathrow Express) to the very apparent air-conditioned cabin and not so nutritious (and rubbery) plane food - this is the anti-recipe for healthy skin! Hydration (and lots of it), good quality sleep, nutritious food and tons of water are the natural skin saviours but when none of these are particularly accessible during a flight (or even in other times of life), here are my top skincare products to help your skin flourish during your time in the air. 

Over the next four months I'm rocking 'frequent flyer status' with around 10-15 flights so I have my backpack fully stocked with the following little beauties. After leaving the commuting city life in favour of fresh air and wanderlust, I'm not prepared to lose my travel glow to a budget airline. To start, this is where you have to be smart and savvy with the 100ml and plastic bag situation so the clue is in the name: "travel-sizes". As an Elemis junky (I love it, work it*, live it, breathe it) here are my ultimate in-flight essentials for hydrated skin:

These transparent under-eye masks surreptitiously work away to hydrate the delicate skin under your eyes to reveal a bright and fresh look that doesn't give away your weariness. In my experience, very comfortable masks to wear for the full 20 minutes recommended (although I have been known to fall asleep wearing them, ride out a hangover in them and even rock them under sunglasses when out and about - ever the multi-tasker!). I find it helps to have a mirror at hand to ensure they are tucked close enough under your eyes to target those crows feet and sleep-deprived bags! 

The most travel-friendly potent shot of antioxidants your skin can get at a time when it needs it the most. Talk about extreme conditions so this really is your best friend. I use the Lavender capsule at the start of my flight to calm my skin (whilst the aroma also calms my mind to encourage sleep) and the Rose capsule just before I emerge from the flight to be fresh-faced and ready for the day. Twist the end of the capsule off and pour the oil into your palm, warm between your hands and then pat over your face before using your fingertips in upward sweeping strokes to ensure an even application. Don't overwork or pull your skin - be gentle, be nice!

This is a hero product, a cult moisturiser and a beauty industry best and, to us jet-setters, a total saviour in a bottle - hydrating, anti-ageing, not too heavy, not too light, smells incredible and feels incredible. Even if you're not on the anti-ageing band wagon full-time, this is such a good boost for your skin (and you'll probably get hooked)! "Prevention is better than cure" was always my mother's motto (and I remember she berated me aged 18 for not yet using a "proper" moisturiser - luckily I've learned the error of my ways and I'm now some way up the other end of the spectrum as my bathroom cabinet suggests!).

As a total sucker for lip balms on a daily basis I find my lips get uber dry when I'm on a flight and it can drive me to distraction. This is a super-luxurious balm with a minty freshness about it (always a bonus) - plus an easy squeeze applicator so no issue of melting or spilling (I've had some travel disasters in the past!). 

Slathering my hands in this luxurious cream is the perfect combat for dry hands, chapped skin and, for the nervous flyer, is a great preventative for picking! It's the perfect chance to actually give your hands some love and attention. When was the last time you actually put hand cream on let alone properly massaged it around the cuticles? If you're anything like me you have the best of intentions and carry it around in your handbag but rarely actually use it! Make up for it with the opportunity here. What else is there to do?! (You can do it WHILST you're watching a film you know!)

This is such a treasured product of mine - one that is kept in my travel bag and bedside drawer at all times. Perfect last step in your inflight facial to promote a feeling of calm and relaxation. Pump 1-2 drops of the clear gel onto your ring finger and apply in circular motions to your temples and also sweeping across your forehead from the middle outwards. A light tingling is really soothing and the beautiful aromatic combined with some deep breaths is delightfully soporific. Perfect for Mr A as the anxious flyer and part-time insomniac. 

And another thing you need...
A vitamin boost. 
How many times have you emerged from a plane with a cold or sore throat? Being cooped up in an air conditioned environment is not in the least bit healthy for you so ensure you buy a litre of water (at least, I'm such a fish so I buy two) in the airport lounge to keep you going. No amount of annoying the stewardess to fill up that tiny cup is going to compensate your body for the moisture being zapped from it. Plus, pick up a Berocca sachet to get some extra vitamins in your body to buffer your defences. This will work behind the scenes to ensure you are feeling and looking healthy! If you can't get your hands on that or find yourself bored of water, I've can recommend the Glaceau mineral waters. Loving the orange 'Rise' drink at the moment but also available in fruit punch 'Revive', dragonfruit 'Power-C', tropical citrus 'Energy', acai-blueberry-pomegranate 'XXX', kiwi-strawberry 'Focus' and tropical mango 'Refresh'. 

Safe travels peeps. 

Mrs A.

*when I say "work it" I don't mean in a Jenny from the Block kinda way. I genuinely have worked for the brand for the last four years. However the products I talk about I personally buy and advocate and haven't been told to promote them or been gifted free product to do so. This is legitimately me talking from the heart ...or from the results in the mirror. I see it so I believe it.

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