New York's Storm Stella in Pictures

As the snow settles on our first month in New York, it wouldn't be completely authentic if it wasn't for our first Snow Day. Thank you Stella. Cue a day of hot cups of tea, curling up underneath a blanket and watching the snowflakes settle from the apartment window. Bringing the British experience of one snowflake = entire country grinds to a halt, the warnings of 'thunder-snow' and queues around the block at Whole Foods meant it's been snow joke. Time to embrace the 23kg of layers I packed to take to the city with Mr A's photographic eye and his Canon DSLR to capture this.

Central Park in the snow
I Heart NYC in the snow
Battery Park in the snow
New York in the snow
Keep off the grass
Brooklyn Bridge in the snow
The Plaza Hotel from Central Park in the snow
Cheeky squirrel poses in the snow
Lamp post in the snow
Central Park in the snow

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Living in New York

New Yorker
New York Time Square
World Trade Center
Touching down in New York City was the start of long-overdue excitement of moving to this amazing city! Having been caught up with the logistics of moving, final goodbyes to friends and family, never mind holding down a full-time (stressful) job, the sight of a yellow taxi brought me to the reality... I'VE MOVED TO NEW YORK! I absolutely friggin' love this city and having visited six times before, but not once with Mr A, it certainly kept our 'Wanderlust-ometer' fully tanked.

Here's how my first few days went down in the Big Apple...

Jetlag or Excitement?

Wide-eyed at 5am. Fidgety feet. Peeking out of the blinds hoping it's finally daylight so I can get out and explore!! I haven't been that excited since I was a kid at Christmas (you know, at an age when I hadn't yet worked out that the carrot for Rudolf ended up back in the fridge on Christmas morning)! You could blame jet-lag but with 48 hours of freedom before the office beckoned, I chose to think of it as butterflies! But maybe there's something to being an early riser? Before 7am on Day One, I had unpacked my entire (two) suitcases, applied for a new Passport and started an (epic) to-do list of Life Admin. You wouldn't believe how much paperwork has gone into this move. I'm pretty sure it's destroyed a forest.

Walk-in Wardrobes.

Temporary apartment No.1 and my inner Carrie Bradshaw is one happy lady. A walk-in wardrobe bigger than the kitchen and bathroom combined! These New Yorker's may pay eye-watering amounts for real estate but at least they have their priorities right. It's one copper coat-hanger away from an Instagram dream. Although "it got me to thinking..." did Carrie ever share her wardrobe with a man? Just a shame my capsule wardrobe was an utter disaster and I have basically 5 outfits on rotation. Who forgets to pack their black jeans and underwear??!!


One of the biggest shocks is the supermarket scene. Or I should say 'groceries' to be in any way understood out here. First of all, they don't sell wine!! Secondly, you need a mortgage to buy fresh food and forget being able to afford meat, I'm now an accidental vegetarian. So, the $1 pizza slices are a friendly-option to the pursestrings and coincide nicely with my skinny jeans residing back in the UK.

Where are the instructions?

So, taps turn the other way, the oven gives you electric shocks and doors open the 'wrong' way. This is literal first 24 hour kind of problems where a distinct lack of sleep could be to blame for the serious conundrums I found myself up against. For instance, you know, finding the bathroom in my 500 sq. ft. apartment.

J.K. Rowling must have visited Downtown...

... because there's honestly no other explanation for the fact that my new offices are a carbon copy of the Ministry of Magic. It's security is stricter than Azkaban and I resembled Mr Weasley trying to negotiate an Oyster touchpoint for the first time on my first day. A week's worth of daily X-rays and I got the magic pass. I can now explore the 4th floor canteen with its millions of catering options (I don't miss my daily Pret a Manger one bit) although finding my way back up to the 25th floor needs a Maurauder's Map. Ok, enough of the Harry Potter analogy...

The view.

Wherever you are in the city, the view is incredible. I've swapped a window seat over-looking Baker Street for a dual aspect vista of the Hudson River and Lady Liberty herself. The first Sunday morning we found a local bagel store, had my eyes open to a) the no. of cream cheeses on the market and b) what a portion of cream cheese looks like by New York standards, and sat on a bench near Battery Party City to take in the sights. Whether you're sipping a Starbucks walking around Soho or a stroll through Central Park, this city is unmistakably beautiful and a live-in movie set!

Is there an 'off' button?

Whenever we spoke to people we met on our 'travel-moon' about our move to the Big Apple, so many people warned us how full-on this city is. We brushed it off, 'Yeah, yeah, we've lived in London for the past five years so it can't be that different!" Time will really tell on this one but it certainly is feeling like the most densely populated city in the world; people everywhere, beeping cars everywhere and neck-craning views gallore. The conclusion? I LOVE IT!

Watch this space for my New York Bucket List!        

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