New York's Storm Stella in Pictures

As the snow settles on our first month in New York, it wouldn't be completely authentic if it wasn't for our first Snow Day. Thank you Stella. Cue a day of hot cups of tea, curling up underneath a blanket and watching the snowflakes settle from the apartment window. Bringing the British experience of one snowflake = entire country grinds to a halt, the warnings of 'thunder-snow' and queues around the block at Whole Foods meant it's been snow joke. Time to embrace the 23kg of layers I packed to take to the city with Mr A's photographic eye and his Canon DSLR to capture this.

Central Park in the snow
I Heart NYC in the snow
Battery Park in the snow
New York in the snow
Keep off the grass
Brooklyn Bridge in the snow
The Plaza Hotel from Central Park in the snow
Cheeky squirrel poses in the snow
Lamp post in the snow
Central Park in the snow

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  1. Ryan .. your artistry in your photography is truly amazing.. thank you for bringing the cold chill of NYC to us here in sunny blighty xx

  2. I flew in on Monday (just beat Stella to Newark)...Tuesday was not as bad as we had been led to believe (a mere 6-8 inches on the upper upper west side rather than 18-24 inches forecast). What was stunning was Thursday when the perfect blue skies returned to this wonderful city :-)


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