First Month Living in New York

Where did March go?! Thirty-one days seems to have passed in the blink of an eye but maybe that's something to do with the crazy pace of our new city! New York, they say, is the city that never sleeps and sleep has certainly been the hot topic this past month thanks to spending longer than I had hoped kipping on a blow-up bed(!). There have been some big changes, some beauty buys and even a birthday thrown in this month, so have a read of this newlywed's new life in New York City. (And perhaps don't keep count of how many more times I fit the word 'new' into this blog post!)


Finding an apartment in NYC is said to be the most difficult and stressful part of moving here. I'd say it's as frustrating as trying to scan a monthly shop at a Tesco self check-out, as expensive as holidaying in the Maldives yet as small as Harry Potter's cupboard underneath the stairs. Still, we found one within 48 hours of arriving in the Big Apple and it ticked more points on my wish-list that I had dared to dream; open-plan kitchen ✓ awesome view ✓ bath ✓ concierge ✓ storage ✓ gym ✓ pool ✓. See? Punchy expectations there but we struck gold in Battery Park City. It's somewhat out of the foray of the bustling city and for some people that's a deal-breaker but, for us, it was a deal-maker! We're near the water, well-connected to the rest of the island thanks to the many subway lines close by, I'm currently a 3 minute walk from work (for now) and we have incredible views of 50% Hudson River and 50% One World Trade Center. Soon to be home to many memories that's for sure!
Mrs A to B: March Highlights
On the 14th March, we became official leaseholders of our new one-bed apartment and with that came the logistical challenge of our furniture (bed included) being somewhere on the Atlantic Ocean. Cue a panic order from Amazon of an inflatable bed and the start of fine-dining with plastic cutlery. It's the nearest I've been to camping for quite a while (not as uncomfortable or cold as our Bolivian Salt Flats experience I have to say) but it was certainly an odd existence eating, sitting and sleeping on our one piece of furniture which had a tendency to numb whichever body part it was in contact with! To quote a friend whilst speaking on FaceTime, "So, you're renting a dance studio?"

READ MORE: As the snow settles on our first month in New York, it wouldn't have been completely authentic if it wasn't for our first Snow Day. Thank you Storm Stella. See the city under snow.

If there was one last tip I was going to steal from my sister's beauty collection, it was going to be this Nars foundation. My sister has always been a strong influencer of my beauty purchases, the live-in try before you buy! I needed a strong base to rely on during these tumultuous months of transition and this has definitely got my back. A big Nars fan now! Sheer Glow in the Light 4 shade 'Deauville' is such a gorgeous build-able foundation. Thanks to a great shade match on counter, it's a really easy texture to work in with your fingers as Nars recommend (the heat from your fingertips is meant to help warm up the formula so you get a super even application). Great to layer up over problem areas, namely sleep-deprived bags and pizza-related breakouts. Available at Sephora, $47 and Harvey Nichols, £32.
Surprisingly for a foodie like me, this isn't referring to a pancake-related accompaniment. This is, in fact, my new favourite lipstick. My lipstick stash is ridiculously large and after a stern warning from Mr A, a lot of it remains residing in London (if only shipping costs weren't based on weight...). However, when I saw this shade on a friend's lips, I just had to ask what it was and there's no better way to find a product you're going to love than seeing it in real life (and for once not on the screen of a YouTube channel or in the pages of a magazine). A pre-move dash to Harvey Nichols and I was sharing tips of lip liner recommendations with the Mac artist. Try it with Mac's lip liner 'Soar' or for a drugstore dupe check out shade 01 from Primark's P.S. Love Beauty Range. The perfect everyday shade which can be dialled up or down by applying a base shade of concealer to tone down underneath. A gorgeous hydrating formula with an, evidently, eye-catching lustre. Available at Mac stores and online, $17 / £16.50.

American cinemas are the holy grail of film viewing. Hello leather reclining seats! Visiting the Regal Cinema in Battery Park City (I'm reassured it's one of the best in Manhattan) and a popcorn dinner for two, I was eagerly anticipating the release of Beauty & the Beast. Eager to see what Downton Abbey's Dan Stevens had left Lady Mary for and always a fan of Hermione Emma Watson, this was a British cast to be proud of. A production indeed and whilst I truly loved it, part of me felt guilty for cheating on the original 1991 Walt Disney version. Particularly in every scene with Lumiere and Cogsworth. I had a great time and felt relieved to leave the cinema this month without a massive hangover (as was February's highlight when my friend snuck two bottles of Prosecco in to watch Fifty Shades Darker. Not going to lie, the alcohol was totally necessary. The hangover was not.)

Favourite day of the month by far was the 21st when I surprised Mr A with a day-off work to spend celebrating his birthday. The sun was out so we embraced our inner-tourist to explore New York. Now the boy loves blueberry pancakes, so where better to start than brunch at Brooklyn Diner? A portion is sure to feed a family of four, or a just-turned 29 year old so it seems! Pile on the maple syrup and a portion of Canadian bacon and it beat all the birthday cake in the world I'm told!
Sufficiently fuelled, we walked all over Midtown including Times Square, Madison Square Gardens, through Macy's to Bryant Park, New York City Library and Grand Central Station, finishing at Rockefeller. Quite the day to tick off the tourist hotspots... I just wish I had worn a FitBit to see how many of those breakfast calories we'd burnt off! 

Here's hoping for a little less snow and a little more sunshine next month!

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