New York Bucket List

Having grown up on a diet of F.R.I.E.N.D.S and Sex and the City, the Big Apple has been sold to me through its oversized cups of coffee, never ending walk-in wardrobes and Cosmopolitan cocktails, all nicely boxed up with the latest stilettos from Manolo Blahnik. 

Whilst I have pledged my twenties to hankering for a life in the movies, I am aware that without a video editor, on-set hair and wardrobe assistant, the reality rarely lives up to the Universal Studios version in my head. I even earned the nickname ‘Disney’ for my wish of a happily ever after where Prince Charming rides in on a white horse (and so he did in 2013... minus the horse because I am, in fact, violently allergic). 

So, whilst I’m sure that living in New York city is going to be a more intense, busy, and dare I say, stressful version of living in London, I shall be making the most of every weekend to tick off this bucket list and really make the most of being a New Yorker. 
⛝ Check out a baseball match at Yankee Stadium (not for the hotdogs, honest)
⛝ Ice-skate in Central Park (six visits to NYC and I've never done it!)

⛝ Watch a Knicks basketball game (and hopefully spot Beyonce in f'row!)

⛝ Catch a show on Broadway
⛝ Ride on Jane's Carousel in Dumbo, Brooklyn
⛝ Eat Chinese takeaway from cardboard boxes
⛝ Have a retro day out in Coney Island
⛝ Walk across Brooklyn Bridge
⛝ Cook (or just eat) a traditional Thanksgiving dinner
⛝ A food fest whilst watching Superbowl Sunday
⛝ Visit this city's best museums - The Met, Guggenheim, The Whitney, to name a few
⛝ Eat my way through the best brunch spots in NYC (Jack's Wife Frieda, Clinton St Bakery, Two Hands come to mind... recommendations welcome!)
⛝ Go running in Central Park (and not look like a complete amateur)
⛝ Take the Staten Island Ferry for great views of Lady Liberty...
⛝ ...and see her up close too!
⛝ Learn the subway system (or find an app to help me!)
⛝ Beach-house holiday in the Hampton's
⛝ Taste-test Chelsea Market
⛝ Champagne at The Plaza Hotel
⛝ Window shop at Tiffany's on Fifth Avenue
⛝ Tick off the Skyscrapers; 1) Empire State 2) Chrysler 3) World Trade Center
⛝ Have the best cup of coffee of my life
⛝ A romantic meal at Brooklyn's River Cafe
⛝ Discover the city's best speakeasy bars and jazz clubs
⛝ Spend a day writing in New York's Public Library
⛝ Take a trip across the water to New Jersey and Hoboken (just because I like saying Hoboken)
⛝ Take in some daytime culture at the National History Museum
⛝ Catch a gig at Madison Square Gardens or the Barclays Center
⛝ Watch the twinkling lights on the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center
⛝ Watch the ball drop in Times' Square on New Year's Eve
What would be on your New York Bucket List?


  1. Beautiful! So freaking beautiful.

  2. Go on a shopping spree at Saks Fifth Avenue, eat a doughnut from Dough, find the hidden bars, walk the highline and stop for brunch at the end - I love New York!

    JH |


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