The Ultimate Travel Essentials

Or perhaps this post should be called 'Things I categorically could not have lived without during my recent stint of travelling'. Six months living out of a backpack and inevitably, no matter how organised and meticulous you've been with your packing, it comes down to a handful of items that you just couldn't live without. 
This Swiss Army Swiss Card was given to me as a leaving gift and possibly the most useful present I've ever received. It is THE most efficient space saving tool (and manicure kit) for every traveller, packed full of handy utensils you wouldn't think to pack but are bound to be in need of... tweezers, scissors, ballpoint pen, nail file, screwdriver, plastic toothpick, letter opener, needle and ruler.  

The ultimate security gadget. Linked to an app where you register your tile(s), you pop the small discreet plastic device with your handbag / rucksack / boyfriend and it helps you track them in a similar way to 'Find my iPhone'. Luckily, we didn't run in to any unfortunate situations but it was certainly peace of mind to know we may have had a chance of locating it had anything been lost or stolen! There's also web-access should the worse happen and you lose bag / purse and phone!
Literally saved my bacon on many occasions. I could play Candy Crush to my heart's content on a 5 hour bus ride and not worry I wouldn't be able to pull up my hotel reservation on's app later. I could watch endless hours of BBC iPlayer too. This handy charger has two ports so you and your beloved can both recharge - Amazon to the rescue.

Screw-top wine bottles are not a 'thing' in South America but good red wine certainly is so have one packed in your main backpack (don't get caught out by airport security) and stick two fingers up to sobriety. 

Although Mr A's Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus takes far better photos and always had stronger Wifi reach than my iPhone, it was the gatekeeper to home and therefore a treasured possession! It warranted wrapping up in bubble wrap to ensure the backpacker's life didn't take its toll. Or rather, a gold-heart printed case from an Ecuadorian shopping centre after my first one took a knocking. It would have shattered it if wasn't for those sticky screen protectors too - they are so worth it! I even carried a couple spare that didn't get called into action, they have some impressive lasting power! 
You can find them on Amazon here.

The place to let your blog posts come to life when spontaneity plants a great idea. The record you need for directions or addresses when WiFi can't be relied upon (i.e. everywhere!!). And where I kept track of every day spending. I literally recorded when I had to pay to 'spend a penny'. This proved a useful habit to ensure I kept track of budgets. The great thing about Notes on the iPhone is it's all backed up on the iCloud and links through to your laptop (of course, only if you can find WiFi).
Never underestimate the neck pain you will endure from head-bobbing sleep on any given transportation. Your inclination to sleep will be high but so is your risk of injury without one of these. 


I would be starved and untraveled if it wasn't for this app. A must have for any linguistically challenged travellers such as myself. 

What are your must-have travel essentials?

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