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Summer is a challenging time for skincare. Particularly when I find my pale English rose complexion + sun and heat = a sweaty mess (to say the least). More than ever I have needed my skincare to work harder to counteract the increased dehydration and sun damage that occurs throughout the hotter months. For the first time, I find myself living in a humid climate and New York summers can be brutal - now I realise why everyone escapes the city! With 30+ degree temperatures and a total reliance upon air-conditioning day and night, caring and protecting my skin requires a trip to fill up the bathroom cabinet and make-up bag. Here I talk you through my most-used additions...
No7  Lift & Luminate Triple Action Serum. 
It works, it works, it works. Well, that's their strapline and I remember it plastered across every Boots counter in the UK a few months back so I was excited to try it out and put their statement to the test. The 'triple action' refers to the key anti-ageing benefits of tackling wrinkles, improving firmness and smoothing your skin tone. Given I'm probably slightly younger than their target demographic, I'd say I'm still in the age bracket of wanting 'firming' from my products even if not (yet) wrinkle reduction, but, as my mother advised me on my 18th birthday, you're better off starting early! The product itself is actually a pleasure to use, from it's uplifting fragrance to smooth and nourishing texture - I absolutely love reaching for this from my bathroom cabinet every morning and will definitely be repurchasing. Buy here. 
Marc Jacobs O!mega Bronze Perfect Tan.
I was eyeing this purchase for a while and given the cost of it (an eye-watering $49), it certainly felt like a new season investment. Luckily, it's not one I've lived to regret. Marc Jacobs isn't my typical go-to beauty brand as they're on the higher end of the price spectrum but I was bored of my decade-long addiction to Rimmel's bronzers that do the inevitable split and spill all over my bag/bed/carpet. This limited edition bronzer has been an amazing purchase to warm up my pale tones and give me a hint of bronzed glow to my cheeks. It's a great buildable shade so you don't look tangoed from first swipe. Totally chic and gorgeous packaging plus a coconut fragrance to make this just utterly #makeupbaggoals - honestly, anyone puts coconut in the title and I'm sold. Having been using this for the past couple of months and it looking like I've barely scratched brushed the surface, I cannot recommend this enough. Buy here.
The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2%.
Contrary to the name, there is nothing 'ordinary' about this new brand that's arrived to ASOS. If you have managed to miss the circus surrounding this skincare line, let me enlighten you from beneath that rock. Their ethos is delivering efficacious product without the price tag and YouTubers and beauty bloggers have been going mad for it. I was intrigued to say the least and so it was an easy decision to toss one of their serums into my most recent ASOS haul. I have been applying three drops into the palm of my hand, mixing and patting onto my skin post-cleanse and tone. It's a really wet texture so smooths on easily but then quickly dries into an almost tacky feeling - this bit I'm not mad about as I feel a bit sticky. Having said that, knowing I'm giving my skin a great watering every evening keeps me reaching back for the bottle. Buy here.
Creme de la Mer Eye Balm Intense.
Creme de la Creme, there aren't many beauty brands more high-end than Creme de la Mer and as such, the miracle broth has remained far out of my (financial) reach. Therefore it was quite the miracle indeed when I was gifted a beauty bag containing The Eye Balm Intense. I savoured it for so long in my beauty cupboard, in poll position in the shrine that I almost forgot to use it. However, with the stress and jet lag caused by moving country, my eyes have never needed more TLC in their life - Enter Creme de la Mer. This is a beautiful little pot of blinkin' marvellous eye balm that is a seriously hydrating (yet not heavy). I have literally loved working my way down to pan and now savouring every last application. It is eye-wateringly pricey but eye-soothingly brilliant - if I was feeling flush, I wouldn't bat an eyelid at repurchasing!  Buy here.
Lancome Flash Bronzer. 
Unless you are gifted with olive skin that soaks up the merest glimmer of sunshine, chances are you need a bit of fake tan in your life. My pasty limbs have had to be unveiled due to this heat and since my travel-moon tan has faded into mere remnants of freckles, I've been loving having this mousse bronzer in my bathroom. I slather on a little moisturiser in those key places (knees, elbows, hands and feet) fresh from the shower and then add a layer of this flash bronzer. Applying with a mitt is super quick and easy and helps ensure a streak free finish! It gives you an instant bronze-effect plus develops over the following hours for a deeper hue. I find this super lightweight on my skin, easy to keep topping up after a couple of days and not the wiffiest biscuit in the tin. Love it.  Buy here.
Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Body Mist Sunscreen, SPF 30
Find yourself on a rooftop, at a BBQ or sat with one arm out of the car window at any point this summer and you need one of these within your reach. Being caught out myself, a friend of mine offered me some of this sunscreen mist and it was the most refreshing, sheer and effective sunscreen I have used in forever!! In fact, I can't remember the last time using SPF was as pleasant. I just HATE that sticky, oily feeling on your hands which makes you want to run to wash them. Well hello Neutrogena - game-changer! Spray on application, no need to rub and so far, for me, totally burn-proof. Convenient hand-bag size too for carrying on the go. Buy here.
Redken All Soft Argan Oil.
Having worked for Redken back in the day, most of my professional haircare knowledge and much-used products have come from this brand. However, having diverted to more mainstream brands since arriving in New York, I've recently rediscovered and fallen back in love with their Argan Oil. When I first tried it, I loved it in my long locks for speeding up blow-dry time (proven fact by the way) but since I've had the chop, I'm more cautious than ever to nourish my hair. Every week, the night before I plan to wash my hair, I've been slathering this oil over the ends of my hair for an overnight treatment. It's an incredible texture that doesn't ruin my pillowcases in the process and I honestly have the healthiest-looking swishy hair ever the next day. Buy here.
Palmer's Coconut Oil Formula Body Oil.
I was absolutely craving an oil to add into my bodycare routine and like I said before, coconut is such a winning ingredient for the summertime - it just smells like holiday! I tried a little tester of this whilst walking around Duane Reade and literally couldn't stop stroking my hand - it was THAT soft after one application. Now I'm halfway through the bottle and my skin couldn't be more grateful! This is an easy win for top-to-toe hydration and a beautiful, healthy glow to your skin. Buy here.

What has been your go-to products this summer? I feel I'm missing a good exfoliator and hydrating face mask in my routine - send me your recommendations!


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