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Podcasts seem to be having a moment in the spotlight. Anyone who is anyone is either creating their own series or being invited as guests onto others. For this reason, I have found myself gravitating towards the Podcast app more frequently in the last few weeks whilst Spotify has seen a definite decline in my attention. Coincidentally, the talk of much-loved podcasts has cropped up in several conversation of late that I now have hours of recommendations to commute, run and clean to whilst listening away. In honour of International Podcast Day on Saturday 30th September, I’m sharing my favourite of-the-moment audible gems which address literally every aspect of a Millennial’s life; from ‘Hey, it’s ok… to cut out a friend’, to ‘Let’s Discuss…how to budget’ and wouldn’t it be ‘Amazing If…I can get over my fear of senior people at work’. Get ready with that 'Subscribe' button...

1. 'At Home With...'
My fave two bloggers of the moment – Lily Pebbles and The Anna Edit - have joined forces and barged (elegantly) their way into the homes of some incredibly inspirational women. Guests include Lisa Eldridge, Alexia Inge and Liz Earle. If you’ve ever wondered what it looks like behind the front door of these accomplished women, I suggest you hop over to the iCast app where photographs of their home interiors accompany every interview. Warning: I had a shopping list as long as my arm after listening to these episodes! Conclusion? Great for your beauty collection, bad for your bank balance. You can listen to Series One here.

2. 'Glamour: Hey, It's OK'
One of my favourite features of Glamour magazine is the ‘Hey, it’s ok…’ page where each month you find comfort in reading weird thoughts and behaviour you never dared make public but are totally guilty of. For example, “Hey, it’s ok… if the answer to ‘Still or Sparkling water?’ is always ‘Tap’.” Or “Hey, it’s OK…if you read three books back to back on holiday, and a grand total of zero for the rest of the year.”

To hear that Jo Elvin, Editor-in-Chief, had been running a weekly podcast filled me with absolute FOMO at first, promptly followed by downloading an incredible back-catalogue of episodes. Talking to a celebrity guest and member of the Glamour team each week about all kinds of topics that surface themselves in Glamour features meetings gives you fly-on-the-wall status. From infidelity to match-making and job-hating to vegan-loving, you might never think you need to know about these topics but you absolutely do. Catch up on the episodes from the Glamour pod-cupboard here.

3. 'Let's Discuss'
Another blogger collaboration that brings relevant topics to their twenty-something target audience is from creators Ella Gregory and Monica Beatrice Welburn. They have both forged incredibly successful blogs over the past few years and have created a forum to share “all things life, love, work and wellbeing”. These two ladies have taught me so many helpful tips from stopping my efficient procrastination by ‘eating frogs for breakfast’ to effectively budgeting to buy a house and the key to a balanced diet. I literally feel like I’m listening to my very wise friends when I plug into this one. Two delightful series to listen to here.

4. 'Happy Mum Happy Baby'
My girl crush for Giovanna Fletcher shows no sign of subsiding. If you read my Autumn Book Haul, you’ll know I’ve just bought her book published earlier this year. Now, she’s expanded the concept of honest, straight-talking truths of motherhood with her nearest and dearest (which just happen to be an amazing club of celeb mums). Tearing apart the air-brushed versions of motherhood, this podcast is belly-aching hilarious and continues my education into the reality of being a mum from leaky boobs to sleep deprivation – it certainly won’t be for everyone. Only three episodes down so get subscribed and catch up here.

5. 'Amazing If'
The duo behind this podcast, Sarah Ellis and Helen Tupper, are a total inspiration. #CareerGoals #WorkInspo #GirlPower are a few of the hashtags that come to mind. Whilst independently their careers continue to soar, they have, admiringly, found the time and energy to create the ‘Amazing If’ brand devoted to helping people have happy careers. Alongside holding networking and workshop events in London, they’re writing books and now cracking into the podcast world. Focusing upon ‘confidence gremlins’, each week Sarah & Helen talk through those work scenarios we can all relate to such as ‘Fear of Presenting’ and ‘Fear of Senior People’. They offer great advice all wrapped up in real-life experiences of their own. Tackle your confidence gremlins here.

So, there you have it, my Top Five podcasts of the moment that keep me thoroughly entertained and often stifling giggles on a busy commuter subway journey. I’ll be keeping my headphones busy with these other honourable mentions on my radar that I am yet to delve into:

New York’s best girl, Lena Dunham, hosts 'Woman of The Hour'. The void in my life after the series finales of Girls has left me craving my fix of Lena Dunham.

‘The Heart of It with Estee Lalonde’ I am addicted to Estee’s Instagram stories and so excited to hear this upcoming series. The Pilot is available now and watch this space for more...

And the final and total wild card, 'My Dad Wrote A Porno'. The title implies what you’re in for and I take my hat off to Jamie Morton who totally makes the best of this cringe-worthy situation…that is to invite his friends to read through and critique the incredible wordsmith work-of-art that is ‘Belinda Blinked’ written by his Old Man. Perhaps best to listen to this one when you won't get caught laughing your head off in public. You will be in stitches - let the entertainment begin here.

Please let me know your favourites in the comment section below and, until next time, happy listening!


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