My Autumn Skincare Routine

A new season has arrived and with it, over-the-knee boots, questionable tassels and splashes of my favourite colour red! But whilst that’s the rundown of catwalk trends, this post is reserved for updating your bathroom cabinet and not your wardrobe. I’ve spoken before about my summer skincare routine but this season’s demands are a little different so, it’s time to regroup for the colder months. Just as you reach for your jumpers and coats, your skin’s needs change too. I say treat your skin like your Netflix account; with time, money and dedication.

Talking about the brand I like to think I know the best (I say this, readers, because I work there...*), ELEMIS has an amazing library of textures for all skin types and skin concerns. ELEMIS’ mission is to evolve with you and your skin’s needs whether that’s during the 365 days of the year or over the years themselves. Listening and responding to your unique needs curated by your own lifestyle choices; from city to country air, light to deep sleep and a fast or healthy diet, to name a few factors. Whilst what I need will vary from what my sister or mother needs, here are my top picks and adjustments I’ve made this Autumn that you may find makes the difference too.
OIL CLEANSER. I’ve put away my micellar water from the summer when convenience and refreshment were top of the agenda and replaced it with an entirely different texture. With the nights drawing in, my evening skincare routine takes on a slower pace and becomes part of the day I really look forward to – a little me-time in amidst all the busyness. With 2-3 pumps of ELEMIS Nourishing Omega-Rich Cleansing Oil in the palm of my hands, I mix together and smooth onto dry skin. The texture makes for an easy glide and apply in circular motions around the cheeks, forehead, nose and jawline. It feels like a mini massage for your face – enjoy it! I find I can stand there in the mirror for ages and feel the tension loosening from my face, particularly around my cheeks and mouth. Don’t worry when it gets a bit messy; the oil is ideal for lifting off your day’s make-up so just grab a warm, damp washcloth and sweep away. The clue is in the title and ‘nourishing’ is exactly how your skin will feel after.
EXFOLIATE AWAY. No matter how well your make-up withstands the day (and that in itself is a challenge), there is nothing more satisfying than getting that squeaky-clean feeling at the end of the day. I remember the first time I started working in London and literally seeing the soot and dirt on my skin from travelling on the London Underground. New York is much the same, as is any city, so exfoliation is key. For me, it’s the step that feels truly satisfying and particularly so with ELEMIS Skin Buff’s small grains within a cream. Having started out with the uber-coarse St Ives Apricot Skin Scrub, as most girls my age I’m sure, don’t let the pain of rubbing that into your skin put you off. Forget ‘scrubbing’ and think ‘buffing’ as it requires minimal effort to lift away excess dirt, grime and dead skin cells. (If you want exfoliating action but without any grain, try ELEMIS Papaya Enzyme Peel which is an entirely smooth cream that you apply and carry on with the housework whilst enzymes nibble away at your dead skin cells – sounds kind of gross but the result is marvellous).
AN OIL A DAY. One big switch for me is from serum to facial oil. It’s time for a heavier texture to inject extra hydration into my skin whilst the freezing weather and central heating zaps it. And don’t fear at the mention of ‘oil’ – it’s actually the perfect thing for oily/combination skin like my own! Best way I find to apply ELEMIS Pro-Collagen Marine Oil is straight after I’ve cleansed and toned, whilst my hands are still warm. Apply 2-3 drops into the palms of your hands, rub together and pat into your skin. The heat from your hands onto your skin is D I V I N E and the oil rapidly sinks in. Once you’ve applied the product all over your face (don’t forget your neck!), lightly smooth over the surface of your skin to ensure even application. This is my favourite step in my skincare routine and that feeling when I apply it will keep me returning time and time again to this product, I’ll just throw in the other benefits such as moisturising, hydrating, nourishing, revitalising and renewing.
LOOK ALERT. We may have just benefited from an extra hour’s sleep as the clocks went back, but it’s something about the dark mornings that make getting up more and more difficult! My tell-tale sign is my eyes, more specifically the bags underneath them. Between early mornings and hours of screen-time, the fragile skin around my eyes definitely needs some love. As I near the end of my twenties, I can certainly see those early signs of fine lines too so the anti-ageing power in ELEMIS Pro-Collagen Advanced Eye Treatment is a godsend morning and night! Dab 1-2 drops onto your ring finger and dab around the eye socket until your eyes have drunk it all up. It’s a soothing feeling to apply this and I love knowing it’s counteracting all the weariness!
ENERGY KICK. My favourite range of all is BIOTEC which targets dull, lacklustre skin and boosts skin’s energy levels. Think of it like Lucozade for your skin, just calorie-free! ELEMIS BIOTEC Skin Energising Day Cream is a dual-chamber moisturiser combining the power of zinc and copper (total skincare buzzwords FYI) to boost skin cell ATP (a fancy acronym for 'energy') – I know it sounds like a chemistry lesson but it’s pretty fascinating! Read more of the technical stuff here. Science aside, it’s a range I have used on and off several times over the year, a method I choose to adopt to kickstart my skincare at certain times; change of season, if I’ve been feeling run-down or to just recalibrate my skin after weeks or months of a particular routine. It’s not an overly heavy moisturiser which I like to reserve for the coldest, wintry months, but it certainly brightens my complexion.

I’d love to know what you have changed up with autumn or if you haven’t maybe this is the inspiration you need!

*Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. In fact, my boss has no idea I’ve spent my weekend picking up leaves from Central Park, writing until the early hours of Sunday morning and then taking photographs in my living room on Sunday afternoon. This is genuinely my skincare routine with products I genuinely love. And I do this blog malarkey for fun.



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