2018 Life Goals

For the last few years, my friend Lizzie and I have always met up around December or January to sit on our sofa (nothing unusual there), eat crisps (again, nothing unusual) and look over the lists we had written the year before of our personal goals. We 'cheers' everything we have achieved and drink... you can probably guess how this kind of gathering concludes? Yep, a nap.

What started as a short list of under ten things we wanted to achieve in 2014, evolved into a categorised list over the following years, including:
  • Career
  • Hobbies
  • Exercise
  • Financial
  • Personal/Other
It's thanks to this little activity I first gave blood, joined ClassPass, ran a 10k and learnt to contour (not well, I might add). Now, living 3500 miles apart, WhatsApp has been our forum for discussion and the bubbles remain on ice for our mid-year check-in. Unlike the other years when the lists have got uncontrollably long, we're taking a new approach. Whilst I love a to-do list which I can satisfyingly tick off, it's also kind of unhealthy to set that much expectation upon yourself. To avoid setting ourselves up to fail and remembering that the premise of this exercise is to grow, experience and enjoy new things, this list is limited to just five.

So, here are my goals for 2018...

  • Settling Down. There is something really negative attached to this phrase and no, I'm not talking about starting a family. Life has been a little hectic of late and we've gone from the intensity of wedding planning to living out of a backpack and then, without much chance to catch our breath, we moved across the Atlantic to New York. You could say we don't do things by half and we are incredibly lucky for all the adventures and opportunities we have had, but now we are looking at 2018 for a little bit of stability.
  • Bullet Journal. I have loved building momentum with my blog in the latter half of the year and establishing some semi-regularity to posting and more importantly, ENJOYING IT! To help keep focused, I'm drawing up my first ever Bullet Journal to help with prepping and planning my content. This will also help keep track of my progress and hopefully see those stats growing.
  • A Year of Beautiful Eating. For the last few years I've always had something on my list about learning to cook or eating healthier. Whilst I only achieved 'making guacamole from scratch' as my 2017 food-related goal, I'll take that because I've wanted to do it for years (and now I can!). For 2018, I want to bake a Christmas Cake, roast a rack of lamb, and try my hand at Nigella's 'mer-cookies' (sticky meringue and chocolate chips, hence the 'mer-cookies') culminating in hosting a dinner party. I've also bought Madeleine Shaw's 'A Year of Beautiful Eating' and I really want to get well acquainted with her recipes to balance out all the above naughty treats with healthy soups, salads (that aren't bought from Pret or Sweet Greens) and balanced dinners.
  • Self-Care Sundays. (This is more of an umbrella term and not restricted just to Sundays but I'm a sucker for alliteration.) I've loved embracing this hashtag on and offline - an excuse for regular face masks, trying my hand at meditation and making time to sit in a quiet room and read. As I approach the final year of my twenties, it's time to really make sure I'm looking after my body and it's so easy to let stress take over. I've seen it etched in my face this year leading to disrupted sleep and a poor 'on-the-run' diet. One saving grace has been Physique 57 and I'm currently sat in my gym gear having obliterated my abs at 11am on a Sunday - it's that good I got out of my warm bed and braved -17 degrees to get there! For 2018, this means exercising regularly (I'm aiming for 3-4 hours a week), getting a good night's sleep, reading one book per month and enjoying some down-time on the sofa with Game of Thrones or Peaky Blinders (can you believe I haven't watched either of these?)
  • Detox Mind & Body. One of my most popular blog posts of all time is my Digital Detox post from Costa Rica. I think everyone craves a break from social media but isn't disciplined enough to do it. That's why I'm pledging to you I will do a city-life version of a Digital Detox and also throw in my long-term goal to try a Juice Detox. Again, lack of discipline and fear of the headaches has put me off this one but I think the benefits will definitely out-weigh. It's about making the time and short-term sacrifice for long-term gain.
That's all - keeping it really simple this year. What's on your list for 2018?

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