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Time for champagne indeed as today marks the one year anniversary of us moving to New York! Wow, what a crazy year it has been. They say ('they' being the seasoned expats I've met this past year) that the first six months are the hardest and it really takes two years for the place to feel like home. Now four seasons down, I have had a great taste of the highs and lows (aka real life) of living in the Big Apple. 

As my favourite city in the world, the opportunity to move here was a dream come true. The timing wasn't bad either, as we were just home from our crazy-long honeymoon (although this would later make homesickness more of an issue...) but an opportunity that we certainly couldn't say 'no' to. It was only a couple of years after Ryan and I had been strolling down the Thames riverpath on a Sunday, post-pub session (our favourite past-time in our old West London life) and asking each other the question of 'Would you ever want to live abroad?' We both did. If you're a fan of the Secret you might agree, and as my life-coach friend pointed out, we put the message out to the universe and the universe responded. If you're not inclined to that way of thinking, then we're just bloody lucky!
After 365 days living in New York, only two trips back to London and one trip outside of the state, we've thrown everything into living the Manhattan-life. Our apartment and its view is easily one of the best aspects of living here and this President's Day Weekend is also the anniversary of us finding Apartment 23M and making it home. We've come a full 360 as the apartment is, frankly, almost as bare as the day we first saw it owing to the fact that we have decided that a year has been quite incredible enough and the heartstrings of family, friends and a more settled life is beckoning us back to Blighty.

Whilst we have been ferociously ticking off the bucket lists that both Ryan and I set ourselves (separate ones I might clarify... funnily enough Ryan wasn't too bothered about sitting on Carrie's stoop), these photographs are from our toast at The Plaza celebrating the risk we took, the challenges we overcame and the fact we have this incredible adventure under our belts (with all that pizza too!)

Cheers to the next adventure...


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