Review: Benefit Bad Gal Bang Mascara

A $20m influencer campaign, a gravity-defying formula and 26 hour full-blast volume - really?! How out-of-this-world can a mascara be?! Mrs A to B challenges this to infinity and beyond...or, instead puts it to the test of the working world of New York City. Same, same. First admission to make is despite a career in marketing, I was totally sucked into the hype around this product and found myself in a queue at Sephora behind a long line of women also jumping on the Bad-Gal bandwagon. With this review series, I like to delve into a little about the brand and the how the product has been marketed before getting stuck into the results - scroll down if you want to skip to the conclusion!

The Back Story
Raised 'brows everywhere thanks to Benefit, or at least that's what I know them to do best. Chuck in the Pore-fessional Primer and Hoola Matte Bronzer and you've got yourself some makeup bag heroes. A very trustworthy brand in the beauty arena with a loyal fan-base looking for something a little more premium than your Rimmel and Revlon of the world. What I hadn't known is the history of the brand until I came to writing this review...

The business was founded by twin sisters in San Francisco who flipped a coin in 1976 to let fate determine whether a beauty boutique or casserole cafe would be the girl's future empire. Lucky for us, the beauty gods were in our favour! The charm of the brand - then named 'The Face Place' - was its quick-fix solutions for beauty dilemmas. They launched with a lip and cheek stain now known as "Benetint" and remains their bestselling product, although it was first created for an exotic dancer who was in need of a nipple tint! Is that a raised eyebrow I detect?
The Promise
  • 36 hour full-blast know, for all those 36 hour benders you go on! Or maybe the idea is to last the entire weekend without reapplication? Marketing at its best peeps!
  • 90% saw dramatic volume
  • 94% said it instantly lifted lashes
  • 92% said it lengthened lashes
  • ProVitamin B5 known to fuel thickness & strength
  • Smudge-proof & flake-free
  • Water-resistant
Have I been living in a cave or does it seem that this brand has gone ALL OUT with its marketing claims? Not only have they gone to the four corners of the world with the glitterarti of influencers, they've gone beyond, quite literally into space, for the aero-particles in their formulation for some serious BANG to shout about.

The Application
For me, this is the best part. The application is fantastic - it's genuinely a great product to apply starting with the really ergonomic wand design which achieves great volume with just one coat. I have never known my lashes to look so defined! Plus, it still adds generous volume avoiding the pit-fall of clumping. The flexi brush head helps get to even the tricky corner lashes - I literally find the application mesmerising and *spoiler* that keeps me going back!
The First Impression
Wow. Are those my lashes? Love. Love. Love.

The Ongoing Impression
Now several weeks in, my previously owned and perfectly fine Lancome and Too Faced mascaras have been relegated to the bronzer-dust-covered bottom of my make-up bag and haven't seen the light of day since. However, I do have one complaint and that's the broken promise of "smudge-proof" and "flake-free" as I find myself with a five o'clock shadow under my eyes. Bearing in mind my eyes are shielded behind reading glasses, I find this rather disappointing! But come to actually wanting to remove the mascara and you'll find yourself with a 36 hour attempt to remove every trace! A dose of perseverance is required and despite my best efforts, and that of my eye-make-up remover, I still wake up looking like a panda! I'm quite certain that my first application of the week still resides on my lashes by Friday!
Would I recommend it to my best friend / sister / mother? 
I'd say try before you buy at a Benefit store to see if it's just my eyes/eyelashes that smudge.

Would I repurchase it?
I am slightly addicted so I have to say yes. Whilst my quest for utter smudge-proof daily mascara is ongoing, for definition and volume from this product is second to none. 

What product would you like me to road-test next?


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