Goodbye, Summer. Hello, September.

Hello, Autumn. I couldn't be more excited to be writing this in a jumper and slippers. I've embraced the arrival of September like you would coming into a cosy, warm home with a fire crackling closing the door on a cold, windy night. Although, a more timely analogy would be walking into an air-con apartment escaping the sweltering heat of the summer that has been - and gone (thank goodness). Adios to the daily dilemma of 'What do I wear?' only to be greeted by an unresponsive rail of clothing that was either far too casual (not to mention creased) holiday-wear or, simply, climatically inappropriate. So long sweat dripping down my back, chaffing thighs and sweat-tache. You do not bring out the best me. I literally skipped onto the platform on Friday wearing TIGHTS! All hail a 40 denier!

This may, in fact, be my favourite season of the year but before I unpack all my jumpers, light a candle and skulk under a blanket for the next 13 weeks of Strictly, I wanted to have a moment to talk about what I've loved this summer. Maybe in the hope that come next year I can be reminded of the things I've enjoyed (whilst being a sweaty mess!).

August Highlights

River. Escaping to our little haven in Hammersmith, I spent as much time as possible by the river. I literally love it so much I would consider living on a boat there (frankly, it's the only thing we can sensibly afford!). Sunset drinks by The Blue Boat or dinner at The Dove, it brought back many happy memories of our pre-wedding years when we made pretty much every big life decision (travelling, wedding, etc.) overlooking the river at one drinking establishment or another.

Parkrun. Successfully completed my second ever 5k run thanks to the volunteers at Parkrun. My goal was to get around the course without stopping or walking. I didn't care what my pace was, I just wanted to prove to myself I can run. Turns out, I can! I didn't get a PB but, hey, I'm three years older and three years more unfit. What I hadn't anticipated was what followed...Aching muscles and feeling stiff? Yes I'd expected that and had the foam roller at the ready. Sore toes? Sure. Maybe even a blister? Fine. Stress fracture? You have GOT to be kidding me. In one week, I had gone from new, aspiring 'I-Can-Do-Anything-I-Put-My-Mind-To' 5k runner to... Minor Injuries clinic with the diagnosis to rest up.

Staycation. A little time off work is always a good idea and three months on from our escape to the Spanish sunshine, I had booked off a few days to spend the week with my favourite people....and on trains. Luckily, that meant more down-time reading Dolly Alderton's Everything I Know About Love, catching up on the BBC's The Bodyguard, and listening to This Is Going To Hurt; Adam Kay's humorous yet eye-opening memoir as a Junior Doctor. In other news, I spent an entire day planning an Instagram revival, buying smoked garlic from a French market feeling utterly grown up, and baked a Christmas Cake (not realising it's a Christmas Pudding that needs feeding and Nigella's cake recipe only needed baking 3 weeks before! I just hope all that expensive dried fruit isn't mouldy by the time I open the tin again. I added an extra slosh of brandy for good measure!)


Newcastle. On a mission to see more of the UK for myself, Ryan and I had a little mid-week trip to the Toon. I was given a walking tour by the husband who studied there and shown all the places that, admittedly, we feel far to old to step inside now (e.g. a nightclub, or loud bar after 9pm). Cue lots of drinking, eating, and more train journeys when we popped over to Durham for the day. The Harry Potter fan in me squealed with delight when I realised I was on the set of the corridors at Hogwarts! Magic touch to the trip, you might say (I wouldn't though...far to cheesy).

Five Things I Want To Try In September...

Alarm Call. My least favourite moment of the day. Isn't it for everyone? I've read a lot over the summer, and heard it first-hand from my good friend, that setting your alarm for the same time every day and actually getting up then is really good for you! It helps regulate your body clock and get better quality of sleep amongst other things. My work-week can be a little all over the place and especially as we're now back in Zone 6 with a longer commute, an earlier start is necessary. However, it's currently a mad panic to get out of the door on time. The alarm clock is getting set for 6.15am and the kettle should be switched on by 6.17am. Wish me luck.


Hello Fresh. I have recently got a taste for - excuse the pun - a spot of home-cooking. I was once told, "Rose, you don't cook, you just heat things up!" and that left me a rather scorned anti-domestic goddess. However, having become utterly bored by the same five meals on repeat, I ventured to Hello Fresh in a bid to improve my skills and repertoire in the kitchen. You can use the code ROSEANDRY to get £20 off your first box (that's more than 50% off!). In other news, I ticked off my 2018 goal of baking a cherry pie and went very Desperate Housewives on my friend when I actually turned up her doorstep with said warm pie fresh from the oven! Next month, I'll be trying more home-cooking and I still have a rack of ribs and Nigella's mer-cookies on my 2018 list!
Juicing. Unlike most, our Wedding Season is about to kick off and to get 'dress-ready' I'm on a morning juicing plan with key ingredients being ginger, grapefruit and turmeric to set me up for a healthy start to the day. I've also recently subscribed to Holland & Barrett's Healthbox with daily supplements to boost hair and nail nutrition.

Capsule Wardrobe. Feeling slightly out-of-love with my clothes, I'm on a mission to streamline into seasonal collections with only items I love. The idea being to get excited each season when I rotate and refresh and unpack clothes to a "OMG, I forgot I had this!" style-gush. Blogger Anna Newton is my guiding star as the absolute Queen of The Capsule Wardrobe. I just love her geeky excitement for the organisation and planning that just speaks to me on such a level, I bloody love this woman. I recommend you check out The Quickie Guide To Starting A Capsule Wardrobe.

ClassPass. I've given up the gym. Yes, I admit it. My name is Rose and I've quit the gym. I hate it. Even when I actually went to the gym, I never went into the gym. I'm an exercise class kinda girl. Yep, trap me in a room for 60 minutes being told what to do and I'll do it (for the sake of not losing face by running out the studio!). Remembering the New York days of Physique 57, I've hunted out another Barre Class and also trying out some new classes on offer at Frame. The aim? Three workouts a week.

What have you got planned for September? 


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  1. Good luck getting up earlier! I definitely need to do that I'm terrible for hitting snooze.
    I would love to try Barre fitness but nowhere near me does it. I used to do an outdoor HIIT bootcamp and I absolutely loved it, I sometimes did two hour-long sessions a day even if if was raining or snowing. No way would I manage it now, but I definitely need to do something to stay fit.
    Cora |


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