How I'm Ending 2018

A long overdue post to fill you in on the tumbleweed that has been blowing a gale on my blog recently. My 2018 goal to post more regularly is making my cheeks redden but, seriously, where has this year gone?! I cannot believe another twelve months has passed by in what feels like the blink of an eye. Life is speeding up! It's been another jam-packed year though on reflection. Just the three new home address, two jobs and one country move. It's really bonkers to think I still lived in New York for the first three months of this year... that feels like forever ago.

Many people ask me if I miss it and I do, occasionally, but for all the pizza in the world, it's no contest against having friends and family down the road! Although we had already made our minds up we were moving home when we touched down for the last time on New Year's Eve, those last few weeks were all about ticking through the New York bucket list. I still have two pieces of confetti in my purse which I found in Times Square on New Year's Day post brunch at The Brooklyn Diner.


The move itself was a giant 1-0 for womankind when I single-handedly emptied our flat, discovering the aptly-named Let Go app to sell our electric items and remained undefeated against our king size mattress that had to go down 23 floors! Quite a feat for my 5ft 3in frame! I felt (and still feel) hugely grateful for the opportunity to live in New York. I know the city is so easy to fall in love with, as I did on my first visit aged 18, and it's still one of my favourite cities even after experience 'real life' there. If either cities were a relationship, New York was the unforgettable fling whereas London is the 'The One'.


Life back in the UK has been DE-LIGHT-FUL! We have been so happy to set-up our own home, decorating it all over within weeks of moving in and getting into the swing of a new (and rather long) commute. Transitioning back into the Elemis UK team was amazing and I have loved working with my new team. It's been full-on but that's probably thanks to the social life that has come with being back on home soil. Weekends are booked up far in advance and my tolerance for alcohol is on the rise (I was basically tee-total whilst living in NYC, $20 for a glass of wine... go figure!)


This summer, we hopped over to enjoy some Spanish sunshine in Marbella which consisted of sleeping, eating, and reading on repeat. So good to get away and popping over to the continent was one of those things I realised I took for granted when it was no longer on my doorstep. 2019 is going to be all about using up those air miles and getting away more frequently #WorkHardPlayHard

After a quick flick through my iCal, here are some of my favourite highlights I got up to in the year!

Happy Moments: Five weddings down in 2018 and not a single one affected by jetlag - yay! The fifth and final nuptials of the year was the cherry on top as I had the honour of being bridesmaid for my absolute fave couple in the Gloucestershire hills and the squad shots are to die for!
Musical Memories: Starting big with my bae at Bey and Jay-Z's world tour. It's funny but it seems the lyrics for '99 problems' has been sitting in the recess of my brain for the last ten years! After a weekend in Suffolk and car journeys to the coast later, I was a newly converted George Ezra fan. Our most requested Alexa command ever since? 'Alexa, play George Ezra' knocking Imagine Dragons off the top spot! December's finale was Ellie Goulding's Streets of London charity gig including Dua Lipa, Bastille and Sigrid to name a few.

Theatre Time: Reinstating Theatre Club from our A-Level Theatre Studies days, I ticked off the classic Les Miserables, a new and incredible retelling of the suffragette's campaign for Votes for Women with Sylvia at The Old Vic and Heather The Musical which was dark and hilarious in equal measure!

Sport Spotlights: From Boxing at the old establishment York Hall, Philadelphia Eagles vs. Jacksonville Jaguars at the NFL International Series at Wembley and the FA Cup Final, to cheering on my sister in the London Marathon.

And to wrap up: Celebrating Ryan's 30th in March at Hawksmoor (the best steak in London) and family reunions in Lincoln, two hair colour changes (one accidental) and officially becoming Mrs A on paper (3 years later!)

So I've been busy, right? At what I haven't mentioned yet is we've just moved house! An eye-opening experience selling a property and being caught between solicitors and estate agents. Wow. But, finally, I can say Hello to our new home back on the Underground. Bring on exploring North London in 2019.


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