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I could preach this year I'm hoping to shed a few pounds, drink less caffeine and cut out sugar. I could vow to do more 'selfcare', meditate every day and walk my 10,000 steps. I could say all these things but a) I'm guessing you're already bored and b) we both know I'd have failed by 4th January. I blame the media and brands for this 'New Year, New You' culture which sets an expectation that makes us all feel pretty shitty after a 10-day binge and Netflix marathon. Even when brands aren't singing to that theme tune, they attempt to "be different" and embrace 'New Year, Old You' in some thinly veiled attempt to say 'We think you're brilliant just as you are...but you still need to buy this product.' 

This year, I'm saying: Sod it all.
All I'm looking for this year is positive vibes. I have my own worst critic running a constant monologue in my head, I don't need resolutions to make me feel crap too. January should be wiped off the calendar as far as I'm concerned, pass me all the tea, biscuits and comfort food throughout this dreary month. And don't dare utter the words 'dry' and 'January' in the same sentence (she types as she puts down an empty wine glass on a Monday night. Her second.) 

I wrote last year about how I set myself goals each year (Note: very different to 'resolutions'). Motivated by the end-of-year celebration over Champagne where my friend and I toast our achievements and set our next wishlist for the year to come (sometimes drunkenly), it's become somewhat of an annual tradition.


This isn't personal development in the serious sense. For example, 'picnic on Primrose Hill' is one of my goals for 2019; something I've never done but would love to and whilst I will always think it's a good idea, I may never get around to it unless it's on a list in my iPhone. I refer to this list decorated with emojis every now and then to remind myself, whilst working life can leave time for little else, that this is the 'living' I want to do outside of the 9-5. I now have honed a template with the following categories:

P E R S O N A L. Yes health and fitness goals can live here if you're so inclined. I had 10k on my list last year and it remained unticked, go figure! Yet, Make my first Christmas cake was proudly crossed off sometime in August, alongside with Read 12 books and Host a dinner party.

P R O F E S S I O N A L. Forget S.M.A.R.T. objectives, this is just the big things you want to do (and figure out the roadmap later). Work trip abroad, perhaps? Socialise with work friends more? Get that promotion?

T R A V E L. A new category for 2019 but one I'm very excited about! The last few years I've been making my way through a very comprehensive New York Bucket List but now I'm back in London, you know us Brits like to plan ahead! Enter here: Places to go. In my case, 2 city breaks, 1 long-haul holiday, 1 girls holiday and a visit to Cornwall!

L O N D O N. Making the most of my favourite city and surroundings, I've listed events, exhibitions, eateries on my hit list. (And picnics on Primrose Hill).

What would be on your 2019 list?

Back to those positive vibes... these are the Instagram accounts that I'm heading to daily to get my fix of energy, perspective and love!

@CarlyRowena Total girl boss. Total babe. Carly refuses to get sucked into that negative space on Instagram resembling The Upside Down from Stranger Things. Sharing her endorphins with us all (even when we're sat on the sofa under a blanket), this lady has just popped out a baby and rocking all that she has going on with a dazzling smile. Plus, Carly begins every day with a motivating quote in her IG stories to get your day off to a good start!

@ThePilatesPT I first met Hollie in 2012 when she lived with my best friend from Uni. Hollie has since gone on to achieve massive success running her own exercise studios (one of which is in the Mandarin Oriental in Hyde Park), write a book The Model Method and daily gives us a realistic dose of what is right and wrong in an industry saturated with ab-chiselled models who genetically 99% of us could never resemble if we lived off celery juice for a year (don't try that at home!) Instead, follow Hollie for her no-nonsense captions that call BS on the fads, the traps and the pitfalls whilst motivating us in the right way!

@TheSecret365 This is a free alternative to The Secret Daily Teachings app which I have downloaded - £5 from the App Store - which gives you daily snippets from the world-renowned book and film by Rhonda Byrne. I totally buy into the power of putting positive energy out to the Universe and find this essential to remembering to practise it daily! These little quotes help sync your mind onto a positive frequency.

My final thought is to say,
Have a fabulous year... and breathe!


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