Iceland's Blue Lagoon: How to Protect Your Hair

It's an absolute MUST on your Iceland holiday to-do list. An incredible experience floating in the 38 degree water but it comes with a warning for our hair!

The Blue Lagoon is on most people's Iceland 'must-see' list and, whilst it is inundated with tourists, it is an incredible experience to swim in a natural hotwater spring. Prior to our visit in February, a chiller-blast of a holiday to blitz my system of stress between jobs, taking in the sights of Reykjavik was rewarded by a day floating around this saltwater system of pools before we returned home. One thing you may know though, particularly if you have coloured hair, is that salt water is the nemesis. Talk about dry, frazzled, crispy, fragile strands post-swim. Even the website for The Blue Lagoon gave tips for how to protect your hair whilst you enjoy the water (and swim up bar) and that was to keep hair out of the water and slathered in conditioner to provide a protective barrier.
Enter Elasticizer. This hair mask has hall-of-fame, glory status in the beauty industry and put Philip Kingsley on the map as the Hair Doctor to princesses and movie stars alike. In fact, it was originally formulated for Audrey Hepburn after she visited the Philip Kingsley Clinic in Mayfair complaining of damaged, unhealthy and unruly hair after years of distress at the hands of movie hairstyles. And history says this is a common conundrum for many and soon the product was flying off the shelves. Fast forward from its creation in 1974 and the product is synonymous with healthy, smooth and manageable hair and bought in the bucket load (literally one litre tubs!). In the name of "research" (I was soon starting in a new job there), I packed a handy 75ml tube of Elasticizer in my carry-on and got to business swapping the Lagoon's free (read: cheap) conditioner for my luxurious pre-shampoo hair mask. A quick duck under the shower, slather on a generous coating of the hair mask and slick it up into a bun before you get floating! It's really as simple as that.
Now your hair is taken care of, time to swim away the stress straight to the bar for a healthy drink (or alcoholic one!)

I left it on for the couple of hours that we were in the lagoon and then double-shampooed it out of my fine hair before walking onto the plane with hydrated, silky smooth and new-job ready tresses!

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