Weekend Reading Vol. 3

Last weekend I had the most gloriously relaxing weekend, starting each day with a lay-in reading until around 11am. That is the beauty of being totally in love with a book that you can't tear yourself away... and the husband even resorted to making coffee in the kitchen to coax me into starting the day! I hope this weekend, with its mix of city, country and sea air, will be equally as restorative. Here's a selection of articles I enjoyed over this past week...

Dolly Alderton has finally outgrown her self-consciousness about exercise
This embodies my entire relationship with exercise from being picked to run trial for Kent in the 100m sprint at school, to wearing a leotard in dance-class almost seven days a week as a teenager, to having a total phobia of spin classes and the weights section of a gym in my 20s. Having recently discovered the Couch to 5k app and signing up to a 10k, I'm finally trying to crack the idea that "I  can't can run".

Why Barre Workouts Are The Missing Link In Your Fitness Routine
On the subject of exercise... have you tried Barre? If you followed my New York adventures you'll know I became hooked on Physique 57's barre classes whilst I was living there and reading this reminds me how much it helped my mental health (and counteract the pizza!)

Why Aren't More Women Investing?
On the cusp of new decade, a welcome letter from my company's pension provider landing on my doormat and now this... it's all pointing to getting my financial act together and I'm sure there's pointers in here for you, too!

Robert Pattison Interview: The High Life Star Talks Dating and Privacy in Hollywood
One to read to feel grateful for having your freedom. There really is a price to pay for fame.


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