Weekend Reading Vol.5

There's a bit of a theme to this bundle of articles. Self-improvement is the hot topic, but ironically, one which can carry a heavy burden. Whether it's the guilt of our screen time going up and up each week or the pressure to perform at maximum efficiency during those 9-5 office hours when we're just not programmed to, it's all rather over-whelming and idealistic. These journalists help de-bunk and call time on the pressure to be your ever-improving best self.

Lucy Mangan // A Message for Smug People Who Always Wake Up Early
I resonate with every word of this article. As a night owl, inherited from my mother who could be found hoovering the stairs at 3am when I would stumble in from a night out, I am barely functional in the morning but come 11pm I am surging with energy! I wrote the majority of my dissertation between 11pm and 4am before sleeping in until noon the next day. Unfortunately rigid office hours just aren't compatible for a night owl structure and I end up feeling like I'm burning the candle at both ends. I honestly long to be one of these smug early-risers, even though reading this made me feel totally understood. Read online at Stylist


"Eight hours is eight hours is eight hours. Employers need to accept that the 11 to 7 (or 12 to 8, or 1 to – you get the picture) is as good as the 9 to 5."


Which leads nicely onto...

Ravan Smith // The Millennial Obsession with Self-Improvement
Read online at The Times.

Which all ties into the rather hilarious predictions from December 2018...

Anya Strzeimien / 11 Ways to Be a Better Person in 2019
Read online at NY Times

And whilst you're enjoying a cosy read, I'll be prepping for a Sunday marathon of the new series of The Crown. As if it couldn't get better, Series Three now comes with a dose of Olivia Colman stepping into the court shoes of Queen Elizabeth II. Check out HRH Olivia's Vogue 73 questions on YouTube for a hoot.


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