We've moved house!

Goodbye London, hello suburbs.

It's official, we've embodied that definition of "settling down". It has taken a legal contract and warning of a financial penalty to stop us moving every year as has been the case for the last five years. It has become a December ritual of ours that we choose to pack up our belongings, hire a van and drive (or fly) to a new nest just in time for Christmas, prompting our annual argument over my eagerness to put the Christmas tree up straight away which is "not the priority, Rose!" The plan now is unpack for good and stay put for several years.

Our adventures have taken us from our much-loved first home in Hammersmith, to a year abroad in New York, to Romford and finally Wembley. We've got a fair feel for the rented lifestyle of a North, East and West Londoner, so now we've taken the plunge and moved faaaaar south. So far, we're beyond Zone Six. So far, Oyster doesn't work at our nearby station. So far, we'll need to buy a car. Suburbia here we come...

It has been a long time coming, especially if you followed our near-miss earlier in the year when we almost moved to Richmond. At some point, I will write a blog post about what I've learnt from the whole process. But right now, I'm counting the pennies left after building surveys, insurances and the ghastly stamp duty fees and decompressing.

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I am beyond excited to be reunited with half of our furniture which has been in storage for the past three years and start unpacking our one-bedroom flat into a three-bedroom house. Bring on running up and down stairs!! Praise be to the TWO bathrooms!! And roof space for my treasured Christmas tree!!

Now excuse me whilst I get back to shuffling furniture in the living room for the nineteenth time! I'll leave you with the three Instagram accounts that have been topping up my excitement throughout this whole process:

No. 3
I will be getting my faux flower game on as soon as the Christmas decks are down (yes, that is my priority once we've waved off the removal van). Biggest inspo comes from this little independent shop, Berrys and Grey, which is based in Norwich but has a great online shop for home deliveries if you're, like me, further afield. Follow at @berrysandgrey

No. 2
I am beyond excited to be reunited with my dining table which my mother-in-law has been keeping safe for us and all the table layout inspiration is coming from Mandy's Instagram stories. But beyond everything, the front door garlands are going to be my new 'thing' and I'm pledging to create a seasonal garland for spring, summer, autumn and winter. Best ask for a hot glue gun for Christmas! Follow at @no.7_is_home

No. 1
The queen of Instagram herself, Mrs Hinch is the person to make me take pride in my home and clean it as much as I possibly can. I'm also very eager to keen to purchase wax melts (whatever they are...) and spend the majority of my disposable income in B&M which is in walking distance! Follow at @mrshinchhome


Christmas Party Dress Inspiration

I think there are two camps when it comes to the Office Christmas Party. One group that gets so excited that an entire new outfit is planned months in advance, discussed with rigour over the kettle boiling, first on the Champagne at the drinks reception and found at the bar ordering shots around 9pm. Inevitably, there will be the crawl-of-shame into work at 11am the next day with a McDonalds breakfast in alcohol-shaky hands. Or the other group who find the idea of socialising on a weeknight a shock to the system in the depths of December and will slip away at the earliest point only too happy to hear the gossip the next morning without a whiff of a handover.  Sadly, I've emerged from Camp A to Camp B (yes, that's B for Boring) of late. But whilst I miss those days when I'd buy a new dress for any occasion I went on a bit of an e-shopping binge to find those dresses that would sparkle bright at the Christmas Party.

Mint Velvet Sequin Mini Dress
If you're a fan of dancing under the glitter ball, why not dress like one? I love the high neckline and long sleeves which is perfect for a winter's night out. I wore a dress not to dissimilar for my 18th birthday... I only hope this one isn't see-through like that one was! #ThankGodIWoreBigKnickers

And Other Stories Sequin Mini Wrap Dress
Keeping with the theme but want more skin on show? Love this wrap-over mini dress with billowing (read: flattering) sleeves and a cute peep-hole back, you might want to opt (like the model) for some sheer black tights for the night tube journey home!

Monsoon 'Kourtney' Gold Spot Velvet Dress
If you wanted to avoid the congestion in the ladies' loos to change outfits before the drinks are poured, this could be a good option for you. Turning up at 9am in this one would totally save you the extra baggage. Have a clutch filled with statement earrings, a red lipstick and some killer heels to swap into and you'll be first to the bar.

And Other Stories Metallic Satin Side Knot Mini Dress
Oh my goodness, this dress! I wish I could wear this everyday!! I love that it's a little off the normal colour scheme whilst making you stand out from the crowd. Pair with over-the-knee boots or a pair of knitted ankle boots. Skip the necklace and opt for statement earrings, a nude lip and tousled waves to complete the look.

Zara Pleated Polka Dot Dress
A twist on a LBD if your safe zone in black. The little gold flecks add a little Christmas sparkle to your outfit. I think twirling on the dance floor in mandatory in this number!

Zara Velvet Dress with Dotted Mesh
These sleeves are LIFE! Way to up the ante on a traditional little black number with some incredible plush polka dot sleeves.

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