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One thing that could tear me away from books and audiobooks are podcasts. Over the past year, I would go through phases and find myself for weeks at a time binging on so many episodes from various different shows. I just love the bitesize topical pick'n'mix audio snackbites that can be super informative, entertaining or both! Here's a round up of my favourite podcasts of the past few months.

Shagged, Married, Annoyed.
In at the top position is husband and wife duo, laugh-a-minute Chris & Rosie Ramsay. I fell in love with Rosie via Instagram when Giovanna Fletcher shared one her Stories. I became quickly addicted to her hilarious, down-to-earth content as a stay-at-home mum and started listening to their podcast when they first launched it. The sheer way they interact with each other like any other married couple during the recording is so candid and relatable, it just hits the nail on the head. I have tuned in every Friday morning ever since. With each episode including a 'What's your beef?' section (who wouldn't love an opportunity to vent on what said husband/wife has done to p*ss them off this week) and 'Questions from the public' which is basically utterly hilarious (and pretty disgusting) stories, this will make you laugh out loud - it's unavoidable. If you are new to this podcast, I recommend listening in order from the beginning.

Episode of mention: The wheelie bin story from Episode 39: The Zodiac DJ had me crying with laughter and the Strictly announcement (Episode 25: Twinkle Toes) was absolutely hilarious.

The High Low
I've mentioned this podcast and the incredible Dolly Alderton and Pandora Sykes on this blog many times before. I am currently bereft as they are on a hiatus following the birth of Pandora's second child and counting down the weeks until April. Every Wednesday (usually), is at least an hour long discussion on popular affairs and pop culture, including 'Doll's Polls', book recommendations and author/guest specials. I just love everything about these women and this podcast. It's the one that my sister introduced me to and I speak about with so many people!

Episode of mention: September 2019's Bumper Book Special

The Emma Guns Show
I was trying to remember how I discovered this podcast and I literally have no idea, but it's one of my favourite go-to shows now. What I love that host Emma Gunavardhana does, is little bitesize ten minute or less mid-week shows plus a longer - usually an hour or more - main show once a week. With topics including 52 habits, Tips for Distressing NOW and interviews with inspiring people from Melanie Whelan (of SoulCycle), Alex Light and Andy Puddicombe, the content is always super interesting, informative and inspiring.

Episodes of mention: Not one but TWO interviews with Phoebe Waller-Bridge and, for a dose of perspective, check out 'Reality Check'. I keep this latter episode downloaded so it's always a click away when I need it.

Squiggly Careers
Hosted by Sarah Ellis and Helen Tupper, founders of Amazing If, this weekly podcast is fast becoming an encyclopedia of career advice! With over 120 episodes, you can learn everything there is to know about have a happy career and work life. From the best ways to resign or ask for a pay rise, to using storytelling at work, and overcoming confidence gremlins in the workplace, these ladies have incredibly impressive CVs behind them and are not shy about sharing their tips for success.

Episode of mention: Episode 72 Goals Setting That Works and 20 Career Questions for 2020 to set you on the right path for the year (Episodes 114 and 115).

Special Podcast Episodes To Note

Wobble with guest Claudia Winkleman. 
If I could have an ounce of her unassuming self-confidence and her wardrobe...

Love Stories by Dolly Alderton.
In particular her interviews with Stanley Tucci, Emma Freud and Vanessa Kirby stick in my mind.

Get Your Glow Back with Madeleine Shaw.
Aimed at new mothers, the topics cover everything from postpartum, working-mum guilt and pre and post pregnancy nutrition. Everything is served up with a smile and a giggle from Madeleine.

Happy Mum, Happy Baby by Giovanna Fletcher.
I've lost count of how many series there have been but I particularly enjoyed 2019's live shows with guests including Gemma Atkinson, Ore & Portia Oduba and Bryony Gordon.

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I'd love to hear what podcasts you love listening to and if any of the above cross over onto your list?


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