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It's a new season (well, almost... I'm counting the fact we are in March as pretty much Spring arriving!), and with it is a time for change. It's been a while in the thinking and more flippant in the making (I just decided today was The Day) but the change is for all to see. After four years as, I am transitioning this little corner of the internet into something that more accurately reflects where I am now and the content I want to be producing on this blog. 'Mrs A to B' was born at a time when I was still Miss L and soon becoming Mrs A. I was also on the brink of a big transition that not only saw me go from single entity to coupledom, but also travelling literally from A to B on a "travel-moon" of a lifetime!

When I first started writing for enjoyment, I was eighteen going on nineteen, with a loaned backpack in tow and backpacking around Asia, Australia and New Zealand (the very standard gap year travels). It was my way of keeping everyone back at home up to date with my adventures thousands of miles away from the nest. Not only do I have a catalogue of memories as a result of those long, essay-style emails I sent as 'round robins' but I had such wonderful feedback on my writing that it spurred me on to keep going once I was back and starting University. I knew, as I approached the second "big trip" of my lifetime, I wanted to document it for more than just my contact list to see... hence, the arrival of this website. Perfectionist that I am, I had to buy a designed template (thanks Pipdig), the domain name, the whole kit and caboodle. 

Mrs A to B also made sense whilst we moved from London to New York and documenting our experience adapting to a new country we called 'home'. But since then, and multiple times being called 'Mrs Atob' I just felt I was drifting away from what that stood for. I am not a travel blogger, my holidays are sacrosanct for lying on a sun lounger, slathered in Factor 50 and with my head in as many books as possible. I work 40+ hours a week in an office in London creating content for a British haircare brand so any time I have outside of then *and* when I'm feeling inspired to write is few and far between. These days, A to B is more literally our suburban house to the office and back so it felt a little mis-leading to keep writing under that name.

So, all hail the new website address (and matching Instagram handle) for all to see what goes down behind my 'Rose Tinted Spectacles'. I hope you'll enjoy the adhoc blog content that I post over the coming months. I figure the longer daylight hours and more time spent sat on trains should hopefully mean lots of book and TV (read: Netflix, Amazon Prime etc.) recommendations and lifestyle content. There are other changes afoot that I'm sure I'll be sharing in due course and that certainly means that what I'll be writing will, more than ever, just be my life on the page for all to witness, laugh at, empathise with and, most importantly, enjoy reading. 

All for now,
Rose (and her tinted spectacles)

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