Five Feel-Good Films

I finally got a fix of sitting on my sofa over the weekend and it was JOYOUS! I’m sure the novelty will soon wear off but for now, I have a list as long as my arm of series and films I want to watch. Thank god for an excessive number of on-demand services that we have subscribed ourselves to! In lieu of the opportunity to go to the cinema and if you've already exhausted the new releases, I have hand-picked five oldies but goodies to snuggle down under a blanket and while the hours away!

FILM 1: Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
For a singalong and to marvel at Potts’ genius at-home inventions that you now have that time on your hands to recreate yourself! Although, I’d avoid the bowl haircut if at all possible!!

FILM 2: First Wives Club 
This may be my all time favourite film and with the trio of Goldie Hawn, Bette Midler and Diane Keaton, you are guarantee some serious shoulder-pan wearing girl power. 

FILM 3: Notting Hill
An ode to London which I am missing my daily fix! I just love the scene where Hugh Grant is walking down Portobello Road and the seasons change. It is absolutely incredible cinematography! Plus, the soundtrack to this film is 100!! 

FILM 4: Sliding Doors
Again, a London fix and in particular many scenes filmed in my much-loved Hammersmith. After binging The Goop Lab at the weekend, I’m on a massive Gwyneth bender and this is my favourite film of their! I’ve also just finished reading a similar concept in book-form - The Two Lives of Lydia Bird - so I’m totally in the zone for this!

FILM 5: Home Alone (1 and 2)
It may be a long time until Christmas but it certainly feels like those days in between Boxing Day and New Year, doesn’t it? The ones where you don’t leave the house, are marooned on the sofa, eating your kitchen cupboards bare and never bothering to get out your pyjamas. Yup, so it’s only fitting that you have a laugh and escape with Kevin McCallister and clan. Plus, perhaps it’ll remind you of the things you can do at-home whilst in isolation… jumping on the bed eating popcorn? Sledging down your stairs?

What are your favourite old-school films?


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