30 Things to Do This April

The vision April conjures up in my mind is white linen curtains blowing in the warm breeze as I don my Marigolds and give the house a Spring clean. In reality, it's the month of April showers and, in 2020, self-isolation! Mainly to keep me from going insane, I've created a list of 30 things I want to do this month that can make me feel motivated and like I'm achieving something whilst staying safe in the confines of my home and garden. So here goes, sharing is caring...
  1. Fake tan from head to toe (because it will make me feel good!)
  2. Organise my iPhone photo reel (10,000 pictures waiting to be reminisced, sorted into albums and/or deleted)
  3. Order photo books from recent holidays (I'll be doing this for Iceland, Italy & Morocco)
  4. Read a fiction book (I'll be choosing between The Most Fun We Ever Had by Claire Lombardo or The Other Bennett Sister by Janice Hadlow)
  5. Read a non-fiction book (on my list is... The Sisterhood: A Love Letter to the Women Who Have Shaped Me by Daisy Buchanan)
  6. Start a new TV series (I'm thinking either - or all - Tiger King, The Good Place or Breaking Bad)
  7. Give yourself an at-home manicure
  8. Create a vision board. Be it for the summer / career / dreams / holiday plans or just general post-isolation! Head over to Pinterest if you're running short of old magazines to cut up!
  9. Make blueberry pancakes for breakfast just because...
  10. Bake a cake (the question is: Banana Bread or Lemon Drizzle?)
  11. Make your own hand sanitiser. It is surprisingly easy if you're prepared to sacrifice some vodka for the cause. I'll be making my second batch using this tried & tested recipe.
  12. Make a Spring wreath for the front door
  13. Organise your bookshelves (by colour or alphabetised?)
  14. Make a throwback playlist to your teen years (Avril Lavigne anyone? Get that teenage angst out!)
  15. Write a post-isolation bucket list!
  16. Make a batch of flavoured fruit gin (I did this last year and made Sloe Gin which I served on Christmas Day!)
  17. Marie Kwando your underwear & sock drawer
  18. Prepare those feet for freedom with an at-home pedicure
  19. Create positive affirmations and stick them around the house. All you need is paper and a pen!
  20. Make your own scented candles
  21. Take a day off from social media 
  22. Moisturise your body from head to toe
  23. Plant some seeds in the garden or window boxes and watch them grow
  24. Hinch the kitchen (I'm talking deep-cleaning the oven or re-organising all the cupboards. Get trigger happy with Zoflora!)
  25. Clean your make-up brushes
  26. Sort out your make-up stash into categories; eyes, lips, cheek, base etc. And discard anything that'll be past its 12 month use-by date!
  27. Check for diary for upcoming birthday and start thinking of gift ideas (tip: no better time to support small businesses!)
  28. Get the washing line out of storage. Spruce it up ready for giving the tumble dryer a season off!
  29. Wash the car inside and out. Freshen up for when it can be used again!
  30. Pour yourself a glass of bubbles pre-5pm. No judgement here! Celebrate how well you're embracing this period of self-isolation. I'll certainly be enjoying one on the 11th as it's my birthday! Cheers!
I hope this is a bit of inspo to keep you occupied in this coming month. Try to keep your spirits up and stay positive. I find "treating myself" is a great currency to help shift my mood so early nights, lay-ins, chocolate biscuits and pamper evenings are my go-to at the moment! And if all else fails, be sure to turn up some dancing tunes and get dancing around your kitchen!

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