New Lockdown Beauty Habits

It is a guilt-free time for our skin to enjoy weeks (even months?) of breathing free from layers of make-up and escaping the pollution and congestion that comes with commuting into cities and on public transport. In the early days of lockdown, I was meticulously trying to keep to my normal routine and continued whacking on make-up every day. It definitely had an effect of making me feel good and every now and then I venture to slap on a bit of blusher and lippy before a daily walk for the same boost. But gone are the heavy foundations and with it my video camera firming stays ‘off’ during work Zoom calls. Now I can sit in my pyjamas and a face mask until midday and no one even knows! Here are my new beauty habits I’ve adopted during lockdown…

Time for a Detox
I’ve had a jar of Elemis’ Cellular Recovery Skin Bliss Capsules in my cupboard for (possibly several) years. It is an amazing detoxing duo serum system; a Rose oil for the morning application and a Lavender oil capsule for evening application. Just to note, these are to be applied to the face… not ingested! As the name suggests, these oils have a deep-cleaning action on your skin, are incredibly restorative, but have a habit of causing breakouts. Breakouts are, by the way, a totally normal occurrence whilst doing a detox - think of it as evidence that your pores are being deep-cleaned and chucking out all the dirt and grime that’s been residing there - it’s a case of short-term pain for longer-term gain. What better time to tolerate a few pimples than in lockdown?! Also it's a great time to bare that beautiful face, give it a break from slapping on layers of make-up. The jar I have is a 30 day programme with 60 capsules in total. 

Roll with it.
I’ve had this Herbivore Jade Facial Roller for several months now. After obsessing over getting hold of one (they were sold out of every Space NK I tried!), it has somewhat collected dust over recent months. However, I’ve unleashed it from its velvet pouch and given it a spin - or, more accurately, a roll all over my face! I watched a couple of YouTube tutorials to get the best tips for how to adapt the massage to different parts of my face for the best de-puffing and drainage. If I’m honest, I can’t really tell if it’s making much of a noteworthy difference to my face per se, but rolling the cool jade over my face of a morning, especially on these warmer days, is especially refreshing and calming. Given I’m not getting up at the crack of dawn and rushing out the door with a half a shoe on these days, it’s the perfect indulgence to add into my morning routine during lockdown when I have the extra minutes to spare.

Damn, that tan.
Pale skin has been the bane of my life for as long as I can remember. Teachers used to look at me worryingly and ask ‘Are you ill?' or 'Bit under the weather today, Rose?' to my make-up free, adolescent porcelain face. Perhaps it was the dark bags under my eyes which have always resembled an 80s shade of lilac eyeshadow, but I’ve always blamed my pale skin for these suggestions I look ill when bare-faced. I’m not a sun worshipper at all but I do envy anyone who can be out in the sun for more than ten minute and not get burnt! I’m either deathly pale or lobster sunburned - the state of being 'tanned' and dare I write, a bronze goddess, forever evades me. These days, I prefer to opt for the fake stuff. I have bottles and bottles in my bathroom but am pretty lazy about actually applying it and my lack of practice shows when I do. I am always guilty of that hard line between the neck and face, you know the one. But then I discovered Tan Luxe Illuminating Self-Tan Drops which you add to your moisturiser (day or night) to give you a subtle glow. They are a REVELATION! If you are fair skinned like me, add just one or two drops every couple of days. If you want to dial it up to more Mediterranean vibes, go for 3 or 4. I tried this when I was on holiday last summer and for once, my face matched my body. I now add it into my weekly skincare routine to give myself a dose of healthy colour to my chops.

Healthy hit.
If you aren't getting the freshness of fruits and veg to your lockdown diet, don't fear, you can turn to the Elemis Superfood range to pack the vitamin punch your skin needs to look and feel its healthiest! Given I used to work for the brand, Elemis is a staple in my bathroom vanity but it was a new experience for me hearing about a product that had launched and having played no part in its arrival (spoiler: I was green with envy!) So, I managed to get my hands on this Elemis Superfood Cica Calm Hydration Juice and it is the perfect addition to my Spring/Summer skincare routine. 'Hydration Juice' is spot on in terms of how your skin feels during and after application - there's a plush, cushiony feel to the texture which reminds me of freshly-squeezed aloe juice from a plant that is super cooling on the skin. I was so keen to try this on my hormonal skin I've been experiencing in my pregnancy and, whilst there's no claims relating to spots, applying this is ever so soothing to my tender jawline. Whilst I may be missing my Pret Green Juice of a morning, at least my skin is getting its green smoothie to start the day right.


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