Preparations for Winter

Autumn is well and truly upon us and I’ve been making adjustments in the home (especially as we’re all spending so much time in them!). The timers on the lamps have been wound earlier and earlier. The central heating has broken once, been fixed and is now set on 'high' to chug out warmth to keep us feeling cosy. Candles have emerged from the back of the drawer and are now decorating the fireplace for when I can remember to light them. Comfort eating is on the up; the number of pies on the food shopping receipt has risen along with the rediscovery of gravy. I’ve started to roast vegetables and red wine is my new favourite drink to wash everything down. I’ve transitioned from preparing the nest in the summer to plumping the nest in the autumn. 

All in all, it’s probably my favourite time of the year. Blue skies, orange leaves, brisk walks and rainy days on the sofa. The summer (and maternity) wardrobe has been packed away and chunky knits and boots have emerged from the loft. I’ve bought myself a new winter coat (this one) and two new pairs of boots; one pair of ankle-high chunky tan boots (these) that will be perfect for stomping around the park and kicking up leaves and another pre-loved pair of Carvella knee-high brown suede boots for pairing with dresses and wearing to Sunday lunch in the pub. It’s that (mildly annoying) time of year when your sunglasses aren’t sure if they are being retired or not; they are on, then off, then on again? I’m currently shopping for new cushions and a throw for my sofa seeing as I intend to spend the majority of my time there. Amen, to that. 


It feels like this time of year is always so full of anticipation; the crescendo of Halloween, Bonfire Night and then the big spectacular, Christmas. Although, this year, it’s a little bit different, isn’t it? So much hangs in the balance that despite the Christmas decorations and gifts being stacked on the shelves, until we know if we’ll be able to even see our extended families, how can we start present-buying for Christmas? Having said that, I did just buy our first Big-Girl-Pants Christmas tree and will have a 7ft fake fur tree erected on 1st December even if no one comes by to see it! One thing drastically missing for the usual narrative is Strictly. Not only have we lost Kevin Clifton this year, but we’ve also lost four weeks of the show. God damn. 

Most importantly, in terms of preparing for winter, I finally took the plunge on a pricey set of White Company pyjamas which I've been lusting after for months. Worth every penny of their £75 price tag and I intend to remain wearing them until the clocks spring forward. So, I'm off to hibernate in my scented-candle-cosy-cushion-orange-tinted-bubble, see you in March.


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