Why I've Banned Skincare Purchases

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I am here to confess something. It's a problem that has, I realise, got a little out of control.  

I am a skincare hoarder

I have truckloads of the stuff in my house and, frankly, it needs sorting out. They were my husband's words, can you tell? 

For context, I work in the beauty industry so it kind of comes with the territory. One of the best work-perks is having new launches popped on your desk to try and test. Generally, though, it means having a lot of products accumulate and my collection soon expanded from one drawer under the sink to three cupboards, two baskets and a drawer. Told you, it's out of control. The reality is the stuff is going out of date before I can even get through it which is just NOT ON! 

I am currently reading The Year of Less by Cait Flanders which has inspired this post. In it, Flanders talks about how she quit shopping for a year and gave away most of her possessions to refocus her mind on what's really important in life. Spoiler: It ain't what's hanging in your wardrobe or stashed in your bathroom. 

So, what's my game plan?

Photo by Pavel Danilyuk from Pexels

Firstly, I'll be chucking anything that I know to be expired. I can tell a lot of it by old brand logos that I had the pleasure (ahem) of working on so that's where I'll start. Generally, products only last 6-12 months once opened. You can check for this information on the back of a product. You're looking for a '6M / 12M / 18M' in a small box on the back.

Secondly, anything that does not bring me joy (thank you, Marie Kondo) will be piled up for re-homing. I just gotta hope I can actually see some friends and family to be able to pass on before they go out of date too!

And now, this is where things get interesting. The biggest culprit in my bathroom cupboards are travel sizes. I’m sure I can’t be alone in thinking miniature products are just *super* cute and all very handy for holidays and weekends away. OH YEAH, remember those?! Nope, me neither, so why am I stashing a load of 100ml-or-less cleansers/eye make-up removers/moisturisers/shower gels and yet still buying bigger products for everyday use? It makes no sense. 

So, that is why I have banned myself from buying any more skincare products until (at the earliest) May 2021. Between now and then you bet I'll be doing at-home facials on the double, wearing a sheet mask on my daily walk and devout about my skincare regime morning and night no matter how tired and sleep deprived I am! 

Ok, you got me. I may not be disclosing the *whole* truth. 

Yes, if I’m honest, I have another agenda. My mission is to clear some space in my bathroom cabinets to make way for a new piece of skincare tech. I’ve had my eye on it for about two years but never taken the plunge as it is eye-wateringly expensive. It is the holy grail of at-home facials. All hail, Dr Dennis Gross LED Mask (£430, Cult Beauty). Granted, it looks like something Iron Man would wear but ten minutes under the red/blue light is going to be a game changer to have at home! I mean, we can't even go to spas or salons for facials at the moment and with a new baby in tow, my chances are slim even when the world opens up again! 

My main motivation for purchasing this is to help diminish the acne marks on my chin and jawline from my hormonal breakouts during my late 20s and help control hormonal flare ups in the present day. Plus a hit of anti-ageing red light will no doubt help now I'm on the thirties express train! But before I could even think about justifying this ludicrous purchase (and I’m not 100% convinced I ever will), I need to at least make a dent in the umpteen gel masks, sheet masks, clay masks and more that are doing nothing but gathering dust. A little Friday face masking action is going to be in order to use up and glow up my tired, winter-walk battered skin!

The other ludicrous product I have on my Wishlist is the Allies of Skin Promise Keeper Blemish Sleeping Facial (£115 for 50ml, Cult Beauty). Yes, I have been well and truly influenced on this one and am putting my trust in fellow-hormonal skin survivors. While I’m currently breastfeeding my hormone levels don’t seem to be wreaking havoc on my skin like usual so I’m cruising that wave like a bare-faced dolphin having the time of its life. But I know that the tide may turn at any point and I will need to have space on my vanity for this little tube to do its magic. 

So, there you have it! My household recycling is about to be on the up and I’m off to delve into a free Clinique gift bag of goodies and somewhat ancient Elemis products (I’ll be leading with my nose!) 

Have your shopping habits changed thanks to lockdown? Wish me luck!


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