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'Who?' I hear you think.I'm Rose... or Mrs A if we're being formal. Here is my outlet as I live life from A to B, Miss to Mrs, Brand Manager to Blogger and from London to New York. Covering all things from life as it flies past, I'll be exploring, reporting and typing for you the best bits; be it travel, lifestyle, beauty, exercise, and even dabbling in a bit of literature and cooking (the people who know me will probably scoff at that last point! I warm up more than I cook...). 

So who am I? 
I'm the girl who loved shoes so much she did a fashion marketing degree at uni.  
I'm the girl who loves all things beauty so forged a career in beauty marketing.  
I'm the girl who met a boy. He proposed. I said 'Yes'. We got married! 
I'm the girl who went on the world's most extravagant five month honeymoon. 
I'm the girl who went off to see the world and then moved to New York City.

Continue the journey with me as life gets rather crazy but very exciting!
Rose | Mrs A to B

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